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Ocean Crib Bedding

Updated on March 16, 2011

How To Create An Ocean Themed Baby Nursery

Ocean crib bedding is great for those parents who want to create an entertaining and relaxing nursery. Parents and babies alike will enjoy the various sea creatures that on portrayed on the ocean or sea bedding. Not only is it good looking, it is also educational.

There are many different patterns and prints available on ocean baby bedding sets. Some of the more popular display fish, turtles, octopus, squids, and even starfish. Which you choose for your home should be based upon your personal preference and also the style of your home.

When shopping for baby crib bedding you have two options, in store and online. I recommend shopping online as you will have more variety to choose from and also don't have to leave the house. Sites like are good places to search as they have reviews of products by actual customers who have purchased and used the items.

What Else Is Needed For An Ocean Nursery

Most ocean crib bedding normally comes in sets that will contain at the minimum a comforter/quilt, sheets, bumper, and bedskirt. Matching items should be used in the nursery whenever possible as to create an organized looking room.

Some of the items you will want to try and match are lamps, wall color or decor, the hamper, diaper truck, and a mobile. Most of these items can be found in matching prints or at least in similar color shades.

An ocean musical mobile in my opinion is one of the necessities of an ocean themed nursery. A mobile is a set of toys that hangs above the crib and spins for the baby's entertainment. With an ocean themed mobile the toys that hang from it should be sea creatures or boats.

My suggestion for a very cute oceanic crib bedding set is the Anna Claire 1 Fish 2 Fish three piece crib set. The set includes a baby blue and white checked bumper and bedskirt. The quilt is also light blue with cute sailboats on it. It is made from one hundred percent cotton to stand upto multiple washings and will not fade or fray.

Ocean Crib Bedding
Ocean Crib Bedding


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