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Cool Bedroom Autumn Decoration Using Astrology and Art

Updated on January 9, 2015

Red October Décor

October is the tenth month of our calendar, although its name originates from the Latin word "eight." (It was the eighth month before a reform added two more months.) For me, October associates with all things red and communism -- such as the movie The Hunt for the Red October.

The Russian upheaval of 1917 happened in October (the date later moved to November due to another calendar adjustment). To commemorate the event, the soviets established a children's organization, called the "Octobrists," which consisted mostly of kids below the age of 10... Yours truly was once, a long time ago, a devout Octobrist.

Decorating with Lenin and Warhol

The Soviet Union celebrated October with mass demonstrations, holidays and rallies. Everything was painted and covered in red, people carrying giant banners and flags, chanting and drinking. As strange as it may sound, some of the banners were not devoid of artistic qualities. Though art was censored and filtered through "Social Realism," an oppressive and imagination-killing doctrine, it still had some aesthetic merits.

Today, they are much easier to sympathize with in a nostalgic kind of way. This Lenin poster says "Lenin lived, Lenin is alive, Lenin will live" -- which wasn't too far from the truth, considering that his mummified corpse was lying in a mausoleum on the Red Square. The other poster says nothing, but was made by Andy Warhol, which is saying something.

Zodiac Art

Enough of the disturbing past. Let's return to astrology. The two zodiac signs of October are the Libra (scales) and the Scorpio -- belonging to air and water elements respectively. Though I don't believe in astrology -- for many believers it's just a way to categorize people according to their psychological traits -- the world has produced many interesting works of art, mostly on mythological themes, about this discipline. The scales, for instance, are the attribute of the ancient Greek goddess Themis, who according to pagan beliefs upheld law and order.

Collections and Series

What fascinates me about this art is that it's always made in series. There is no other way to encompass the twelve signs but by breaking the zodiac wheel into separate parts. Series present a great opportunity to learn about a certain style or artist, who has to muster all his creativity and imagination in order to produce original images. They are also a teaser for a collector. Having an entire series gives the owner an inexplicable yet powerful sense of satisfaction. Perhaps, it is the intensity and dedication attributed to Scorpio that influence the passionate collectors among us.

Painting Lenin


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