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Old Fashioned Reproduction Wooden Wheelbarrows | Garden | Antique | Planter

Updated on June 18, 2013

Antique wooden wheelbarrows add a feel of country ambiance to yards, gardens and home décor.

These Amish made working wheelbarrows are exact replicas of the wooden wheelbarrows used in the 1800s and early 1900s.

Wooden wheelbarrows make beautiful indoor or outdoor displays. You can even equip them with a galvanized metal planter box.

Heavy duty hardware is replicated from the hand forged authentic hardware used on the original barrows.

Several paint and stain color options, including varnished are available. Even a personalized name or saying is available.

You can choose between a metal or wood spoke front wheel.

Antique wooden wheelbarrows add a feel of country ambiance to yards, gardens and home décor.

These simple single wheel carts have been used for thousands of years in farming, gardening, construction, and other home chores.

Antique Wooden wheelbarrows are sought after by collectors and decorators.

History of the Wheelbarrow

While it is difficult to pinpoint the exact origin of the wheelbarrow, one has to think soon after the invention of the wheel in 3500 B.C. that someone figured out the ease of adding an axle and a handle on each side to carry a load.

This was probably never actually documented into the history books and that individual(s) never received the credit for such a labor saving device that is still being used today.

The history of the wheelbarrow is very sketchy to the origins and dates the device known as the “Wheelbarrow” was used.

The concept of a one wheel vehicle is also documented as first being used in the construction of some of the amazing structures built by the Greeks 406-408 B.C.

The Chinese are believed to have invented the wheelbarrow with documented evidence pointing to the 118 A.D.

The wheeled device used by the Chinese really doesn’t reflect the one wheel device that we know today. The carts for one were much larger, they also housed the wheel more centered for moving large loads.

Some even had handles on both ends to have two people pushing and pulling. It was primarily a large vehicle balanced on one wheel to carry wounded troops and military supplies.

The wheelbarrow we know today has the wheel fully forward for easy maneuvering and dumping.

The Chinese even adapted wind sails to help move the one wheeled vehicle along.

It may have not have been actually called “Wheelbarrow” as the name barrow came from an English word bearwe dating to the fourteenth century. The word Bear meaning to “Bear” or carry, and then “Wheeled” a hand-held device used to carry a load.

One of the reasons the one wheel cart concept became so popular was the fact it was easier to produce just one wheel, plus a one wheel cart could be used on very narrow paths and roads.

Even today wheelbarrows are used to move loads of concrete and construction materials maneuvered on narrow boards stretched across muddy construction sites.

As for its origin in the United States it is certain the immigrants from various countries brought the one wheeled human vehicle concept along with them.

The wheelbarrow is still one of the most widely used human powered vehicles used through all the different generations of the American Heritage. It is still as practical and useful today.

During the American movement Westward, people unable to afford horses and wagons actually loaded all their worldly possessions on top of a wheelbarrow and headed Westward.

The wheelbarrow became a much sought after tool during the Gold Rush. J.M. Studebaker first started making and selling the one wheel vehicle becoming wealthy enough to develop wagons and later on the Studebaker automobile.

The one wheel concept of the wheelbarrow has not changed much over the years. They are still an important part of everyday use to move heavy materials and items on construction sites, farms, ranches and almost a homeowner necessity for gardening and yard work.

You can purchase these authentically reproduced wooden wheelbarrows at Cottage Craft Works .com

Cottage Craft Works also carries miniature and full sized wagons, buggies and buggy seats.


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      Pinttu 3 years ago

      I don't think its possible to comspot without something growing in there. Its just nice to see someone actually get something they can use that grew in there!


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