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Old Fashioned Wooden | Wheelbarrows | Vendor Carts | Peddler Carts | Wheels | Plans

Updated on September 12, 2012
Wooden Flower Cart Plans and Hardware
Wooden Flower Cart Plans and Hardware
Reproduction Wheelbarrow Plans and Hardware.
Reproduction Wheelbarrow Plans and Hardware.
Reproduction metal wheel cart plans and hardware.
Reproduction metal wheel cart plans and hardware.

Now you can build one of the nostalgic wheelbarrows or peddler carts in a weekend using easy to follow plans complete with the metal wheel(s) and axel.

Many would just love to have an old fashioned wooden wheelbarrow or peddler cart to display flowers, and or to use in the home, business, or retail store.

Finding them can be difficult and for the woodworker just trying to find a set of matching metal wheels, or a single wheelbarrow metal wheel, to build one of these old time barrows or carts is becoming even more difficult.

An antique wheelbarrow wheel can fetch up towards $75+ in an antique store, and good look finding a matched set of large metal wheels at any price. Most will be the old cultivator metal wheels with a large axle hub that has to be converted to a smaller axle or used with an oversized axel for the cart.

To purchase a reproduction wheelbarrow or cart and have it shipped can also cost a small fortune. Most will just go on wishing someday they will come across an affordable option.

Well that day may be here with these cart packages. They come with the metal wheel(s) axels, complete step by step plans and a material list. Shipping is affordable and all you have to supply is the readily available lumber, simple bolts, nuts, and screws.

Best of all you are able to create a cart using the material that will work for your needs and specifications. They can be built using premium grade hardwoods to stain and varnished for indoor retail displays, or from rough sawn lumber for an outdoor flower carts.

These wheelbarrows and carts have many applications and uses for both indoor and outdoor d├ęcor, furniture, displays, food, beverage, and serving carts. Add a metal liner with a drain to chill down beverages for retail stores or parties, add a canopy top and upright racks for a mall kiosk, or stack them deep with fresh produce in an outdoor or indoor produce section.

They have been designed with the reproduction nostalgic charm, but with modern day use in mind. The old antique wooden wheelbarrows had a sharp slant to the front wheel to keep firewood and other farm items more balanced on the front single wheel.

This slant makes them difficult to keep potted plants and display items from falling over or rolling down. The reproduction plans provide a slight slant to use for modern day displays, but to the average person they still look just like the old time real McCoy.

You can purchase the metal wheels, axles and complete step by step plans including a material list from Cottage Craft Works .com.

Cottage Craft Works also carries several woodworking kits including their popular buckboard wagon seats, and miniature buckboard kids wagon.


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