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Old Metal Glider Care And Maintenance....

Updated on April 18, 2012

Old Metal Glider Care And Maintenance

So you finally got an old metal glider? Smile.Now you need to take some minimal steps so that your new old metal glider can thrive and last you throughout the years.If your old metal glider is unfinished(meaning old paint,rusty,etc.)there are some steps you can take to prohibit the rust process from happening so rapidly.The best way to do this is take and old wire brush and firmly brush off all old and peeling paint from the old metal gliders surface.Once you have brushed away all the old flaky paint run to any home improvement store and purchase Rustoleum clear coat spray paint.Purchase atleast two cans.Spray liberally ATLEAST two coats of the clearcoat spray over the entire old metal glider.Don't be stingy with it!:-) Once you are done,let the old metal glider cure for an hour and then commence to relaxing and gliding.Repeat the above steps annually.

If you have purchased a restored old metal glider then the process is a little simpler.If you have purchased and old metal glider that has been powdercoated you are pretty much good to go already.Our company applies basked on clearcoats liberally after the powdercoat process and this seals in the finish and prevents rust from forming.Powdercoat is the same baked on process used on race cars as well as playground equipment.It is much more durable than car paint and or any kinf of paint enamel on the market.If your old metal glider is powdercoated then all you would need to do it apply your own clearcoat every 2 years and invest in a cover for extreme weather conditions(ie,days of rain,days of snow,etc) If your powdercoated old metal glider is outside in the elements I would recommend clearcoating annually for good measure.

Even though these old metal gliders were manufactured a longtime ago they were made to LAST.It does not take much to take care of them making them a popular competitive choice against todays modern furniture.

Unrestored Old Metal Glider Set



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  • profile image

    jimbet 4 years ago

    do you have a source for parts? I need the glider parts for a three seater.

  • vintagegliders profile image

    vintagegliders 4 years ago

    Yes,please check and go to the parts page on the left handside menu.Thanks

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