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At Home: Closet Improvement

Updated on April 24, 2012

On The Journey

I always wanted that huge closet Big had created for Carrie in the first movie. I just didn't have that kind of space.. So,what my husband did was remove the wall between the master bedroom and the room we used to use as the nursery. At the time the closet in there was the only place I had to put my clothes. Once the wall was removed it added a suite onto the master bedroom that now included my closet. The only problem was that even though I stored my out-of-season clothes in storage containers under the bed, I still didn't have room for everything.

The first thing I did was to give away all the clothes that didn't fit me anymore.That helped. There were still shoes, bags, jewelry, scarves, belts and coats, and hats. Noticing that I was still having trouble fitting things in, my thoughtful spouse decided to make things easier for me.

He brought the full dresser and mirror combo into the suite. Then he added a five tier ornate shelf for my shoes and boots on one wall. On another he put up peg-hole board with hooks for my purses and bags. On another wall he spray glued corkboard up and down the length of the wall so I could hook my earrings and other jewelry on it. I still have to hang up my belts, scarves, and hats on hooks that don't wreck the walls.

Now I have room for my coats and everything, inside my regular closet doors in which my husband put in one of those closet organizers. But as you can tell, what I really have is a great big walk-in closet. And, I even had room to put a little sitting area in the suite/closet for a make-up table and chair, and mirror.

I love this space now. I've got it decorated with trees and flowers and pretty hat boxes.


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