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One Of My Best Handyman Jobs

Updated on November 5, 2010

Handyman Jobs

I must call this one of my favorite handyman jobs because of how proud I was of the craftsmanship when it was completed. It was one of those jobs where everything went as planned, no resizing or re-planning, no additional materials needed, everything went off without a hitch. The job was a basement bathroom rehab. It was a matter of moving the toilet, sink and adding a shower.

First I decided where each unit would be and drew myself a detailed diagram with measurements and I measured twice, I always follow the motto measure twice, cut once. I also planned the removal of the old toilet and sink and decided what wall structures I would keep.

One of the things that I recommend you do is get a few contractors to give you an estimate on the work that you want performed. Ask questions while they are looking at the work to be done. With this type of handyman jobs you can use expert advice. I asked things like how do I break the concrete floor to what sort of piping do I need. The answer to both of them I liked, sledge hammer the floor and use PVC piping, two thing I know how to do. Each of the contractors told me bits of what they would do and how to do it.

I plan big project this way. I go step by step and use my own know how which I combine with trained advice, the combination make for a job well done. My suggestion to you is learn all you can about particular home repair jobs from the experts before attempting to do it yourself. The job can look and be professional when you plan everything, plan your work then work your plan.


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