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One good, safe product for cleaning save you money and space.

Updated on January 26, 2013

At about 9 A.M. everybody in my house is going to school or work, leaving me a little bit frustrated. On a kitchen stainless steel sink full of dishes after my family’s quick breakfast. Visit to the bathroom reveals clothes on a floor, splashes of toothpaste all over the sink and wet rugs. Passing glance on a carpet in the living room shows dirt my pets brought from outside. Everybody remembers scene like this. The whole house looks like a mess. Now I come to the point of my essay – everyday cleaning is needed to keep our indoor environment satisfying.

In old times people did household chores with simple, available tools – mostly with water and soap. Nowadays, the industry has developed and we are spoiled by a variety of cleaning products. We have separate cleaners for the kitchen counter, sink, tiles, floor, bathroom… Companies compete for a market using different advertisement methods, claiming their products are the best. There are so many of products that people become overwhelmed. Have you ever thought about simplifying the cleaning process and having just one product instead of the whole variety? Wouldn’t it be nice not to accumulate a lot of different chemicals in our house and save space and money by buying only one safe product?

Thank you to Forever Living Products for the revolutionary multi-purpose cleaner, double concentrated, biodegradable, environmentally friendly detergent called MPD. This is completely safe product with Aloe Vera jell allow us to do everything. It is great for laundry, tiles, carpet, bathroom cleaning and hand-washing dishes. It is made from hypoallergenic ingredients which make it suitable for use by people who suffer from allergic reactions to other detergents. It is so gentle on skin, that you can use it without gloves. Aloe Vera is a natural antibacterial agent; that’s why MPD used not only for washing and cleaning, but also works as disinfectant. It is very good for hand-washing dishes and clothes, removing stains from clothes and carpet, cleaning bathtub without scratching.

Cleaning the bathroom always was an unpleasant chore for me. As a person who tries to maintain a healthy life style, I always worry about harsh chemicals which damage people’s health through the air while we do cleaning. This worry kept me from cleaning the house more often. MPD doesn’t contain anything that is bad for your health and performs the cleaning delightfully. In such a busy life there are plenty of benefits of using MPD for our home hygiene.

Go look under the sink; there are a lot of bottles with different cleaners. All of them can be replaced by one great, safe product MPD from Forever Living.


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    • forevernatural profile image

      forevernatural 6 years ago from USA

      I forgot to mention, you may also water flowers with MPD solution after cleaning. It is work better than fertilizer. My garden has beautiful flowers.

    • forevernatural profile image

      forevernatural 6 years ago from USA

      You may by it online. It is better to register and get 15% discount. My distributor number is 001002407888

    • Deborah-Diane profile image

      Deborah-Diane 6 years ago from Orange County, California

      MPD sounds like a wonderful product. i'll have to give it a try.