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One key for the whole house

Updated on June 19, 2013
Key ring with many keys
Key ring with many keys

My keyring is weighing me down

Quite often as locksmiths we get calls to rescue people from the large number of keys that have accumulated on their key ring. Even in a small house or unit it is possible to have a number of keys to get through a small number of doors. Calling a locksmith to get all your doors and locks put on to the same key makes good sense and it will take a large weight off your key ring.

Rekey your existing locks

Most doors in a house usually will be of the same brand. This gives a good start to having all your locks on the one key as usually locks of the same brand can easily be keyed alike without replacing any old cylinders for new ones. A typical front door might consist of an entrance knob set and a deadlock. It is often a case of just rekeying one lock to have these locks on the same key. If you have a security door as well it can also be changed to the main door key. A new security door cylinder might be needed to make it compatible, but usually the actual lock can be kept the same.

Padlock and Key

Padlock and key
Padlock and key | Source

Sliding doors on the same key

Sliding doors can also be changed to suit a main door key. Often no new cylinders are required to match a sliding door to the other locks in the house. It is also a good time to consider a sliding door deadlock or patio bolt keyed the same.

Screens, Garage Doors, Letterboxes and more

As mentioned security screens can be changed to match a common key. It is often a good idea to upgrade the security door cylinder as many security door cylinders are of a lesser quality and should not be relied upon as a thief deterrent.

Other locks around the house can also be put on to a common key. Garage doors, electric switches, letter boxes, gates and many more locks can be keyed alike. There are a range of aftermarket products made especially for the purpose of getting one key to work on a whole range of locks.

Don't forget the Padlock

Last but not least don’t forget there is a range of padlocks designed to suit a common door key. There are padlocks for gates, meter boxes, tool sheds available that can be quickly rekeyed to your common key.

Want one key for your house. Leave a message please.

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    • Brisbanelocksmith profile image

      John Magee 5 years ago from Brisbane, Qld, Australia

      Yes, it is about convenience and practicality. How much time is lost because of a large bunch of keys.

    • profile image

      Luocy 5 years ago

      My shop keys have about 20 keys on them. Different keys for every display case. Nightmare to work out which one is correct. It would make so much sense to put them all the same.