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One mans rubbish... anothers gold!

Updated on June 24, 2011
Wine making equipment. Aquired by simply asking nicely.
Wine making equipment. Aquired by simply asking nicely.

The joy of re-cycling

For all of those of you out there in cyber-land, I would like to introduce you to the wonderful world of getting stuff for nothing!

Yep, you read it right. If you have access to a computer (and live in the kingdom that is gloriously reffered to as Britain) it is perfectly possible to get all sorts of stuff for absolutley nothing! If you are by now scratching your head in confusion and wondering what kind of madman is writing such nonsense, let me enlighten you.

I am the sort of madman that has gleaned a variety of oddments that have enhanced my life to varying degrees. I have obtained two compost bins for absolutly nothing (one of which I donated to a local nursery school). My young son was over the moon when we brought him home a rocking horse that had hardly been used. When I recently embarked upon brewing my own wine, I asked nicely for some equipment, and lo and behold I got it! For nothing!

The source of all these wonderful gifts is a website that goes by the name of

It is a free website to sign up to, and you can search for stuff in your local area, surrounding areas or nationwide. It is basically a website where people offer there no longer wanted bits and bobs to new homes, all out of the goodness of their own hearts! I know their will be many of you reading this with a sceptical eye, wondering why I am writing this, wondering how I am intending to make a profit out of plugging this site, but truth is I just want people to know about 'freecycle', it really is great.

OK, there are a few downsides, but these are minimal. You can get a lot of annoying emails, telling you about each individual item being advertised, but then again you can choose not to recieve these, problem solved! There are also (I suspect) a number of un-scrupilous individuals who use the website for their own financial gain, taking items from good-hearted people and selling them on for a profit. But do not let these black-hearted scoundrels put you of from giving and recieving generously, the vast majority of 'freecyclers are good hearted, well intentioned souls.

The one other downside, is my own personal pet hate. Bad manners. When offering unwanted items on freecycle (I have given away a lot of stuff, from old computer games to childrens clothes) you often recieve quite a few emails asking for the same item. I filter these simply by looking to see which emails say words like 'please' or 'thank you'. You would be truly amazed by the amount of people out there who appear to have had a courtesy by-pass! Quite simply, if they do not ask nicely, they go without!

But do not let the last couple of paragraphs put you off. It really is a worthwhile website to visit, and not just for the smaller items, if you are lucky you can save yourself a hell of a lot of money. I have also got hold of a double wardrobe unit, in excellent condition, for nothing, along with a childs cabin bed, without a matress, that was as good as new (although said child has now left her own distinctive/destructive mark upon it!). It is, in most cases, up to the recipient to collect the item, but you can't really ask for something for nothing and expect free delivery on top.

The list also includes a petrol lawnmower,half a roll of lino (don't ask), a rabbit hutch with run, a multitude of flowerpots, a good size length of wire fencing and a computer printer, the list goes on!

Looking through the items it is nice to see the variety of stuff offered. Often their is furniture offered on there, and occasionaly more bizarre offers, such as half a ton of builders rubble! Their often appears to be a strangly large amount of upright pianos on offer! It varies from the everyday, mundane to the truly weird and wonderful.

But do not take my word for it. Log on to the site and take a sneaky peek for yourself. You never know what you might end up taking home!


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