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Oneida Classic Juilliard, Marquette, Colonial Boston Stainless Steel Flatware Review

Updated on January 13, 2015

Oneida Classic

Oneida classic flatware department consists of universal, eclectic styles that feature elements from both the lavishly ornamented Decorative and the contemporary patterned Modern divisions. In a way, it presents a middle of the road design approach that prizes balance and tranquility above all else – its counterparts offer at least several notably bolder, riskier lines, such as the Michelangelo and Sand Dune.

Three classic collections, Juilliard, Colonial Boston, and Marquette embody this calming approach almost to the note. The first deploys a familiar icon of royalty and aristocracy, the fleur-de-lis, right at the tip of the cutlery stems: it crown each piece, but in an unobtrusive, quiet way. The second, cast in a casual oar-shaped form, draws geometrical ideas from modern flatware, and evokes boating and the stability and the binding that comes with it.

Oneida Juilliard Classic Steel Flatware
Oneida Juilliard Classic Steel Flatware

Finally, Marquette displays a unique amalgam where traditional decorative motifs are packaged with contemporary sensibilities in mind; seashell inspired, it's the most artistic of the three, and conceals an elusive, dreamy quality.


The flatware (dishwasher safe) comes in sets for 12 (arranged in walnut or mahogany finish chests), single sets, separate pieces, and a whole range of additional items, including salad, seafood, and serving forks, serving spoons and ladles, bowl soup, iced tea and sugar spoons, steak and dinner knives, and other types of cutlery. Includes lifetime warranty.

Let's take a look at a few additional collections:

  • Culinaria: another design that could have easily been made for the Modern section, features a linear geometric pattern, industrial influenced. The engraving adds an important utility of extra grip.

  • Classic Pearl continues what Marquette has started, superseding the lacy contours with finer pearl shaped dots (notice the gentle comic effect, as the handles might appear like miniature paws, or feet). The smoothness of both designs echoes that of a fabric, tulle curtains for instance, rather than robust stainless steel – the alloy this Oneida flatware is actually made of.


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