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Oneida Dover, Aquarius, True Rose Stainless Steel Flatware/Silverware Review

Updated on January 13, 2015

Oneida Dover

Already Louisiana collection revealed that after the success of densely ornate Michelangelo, Oneida preferred to take its Decorative department flatware down the path of simplification (perhaps recognizing that it's impossible to repeat the same idea without being... well, repetitive).

Louisiana cutlery reduced the flourishes almost by half – and Dover and True Rose, two additional Decorative lines that become the topic of this review, reduced them again by the same amount.

Dover features a subtle complication of form by adding a third segment to the classic violin-shaped handle. Thin, yet clearly defined borders curl onto the finish to produce decorative accents and knots. This design frees even more space on the steel surface, leading to a light, effortless visual layout that encourages summer meals during the day, and intimate, attentive dining after dusk.

Oneida Dover Decorative Stainless Steel Flatware Set
Oneida Dover Decorative Stainless Steel Flatware Set

(And wine – don't forget the wine.)

True Rose

True Rose demonstrates another classic pattern that opts for a broader, flatter configuration which results in a traditional, almost orthodox appearance; in terms of ornamentation depth, True Rose is very close to Dover – clearly defined borders with minimal, yet noticeable scrolls.

In both categories the tips of each flatware item becomes both physical and aesthetic focal points. In a way, it's a natural way to offset the heavy fork/knife/spoon piece at the other end.


Aquarius demonstrates a bold linear ornament that treats the steel handles as if they were ribbons, creating a powerful, writhed, three-dimensional pattern. The effect of movement and tension dominates this line to the point of almost projecting an optical illusion, where the cutlery seems to have a will of their own – the will being to slip from the diners' hands.

It's an interesting, somewhat counter-intuitive design that broadens the range of Oneida's less conventional flatware, and will appeal to home makers who prize quirks and originality for their own sake.


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