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Oneida Mooncrest, Camlynn, Icarus Stainless Steel Flatware Review

Updated on January 13, 2015

Oneida Mooncrest

The three Oneida flatware collections discussed in this review – Mooncrest, Camlynn, and Icarus – exemplify the brand's chief modern design elements. (In a way, they show what the company's modern tableware is all about.) First is the stress made on well defined shapes, usually inspired by geometry, and giving the cutlery an understated expression of an almost still-life quality. Second is the reliance on line as a main decorative instrument – this is especially evident in the Camlynn, but also in other items, where the lines of contours essentially become their own ornamentation. Smoothness of surfaces, both texturally and visually, and a certain “openness” of spaces concludes this bundle of traits.

Eventually, these collections emerge as Oneida's most utility and industrial, massive use oriented. Admittedly, there's not much space for intimacy (as compared to the ornate Michelangelo or Dover, between the scrollwork of which little secrets literally seem to conceal themselves); this flatware is about straightforward communication and interaction and, as the “clean slates” of the handles imply, a generous, open-minded cooperation.

Oneida Mooncrest Steel Flatware
Oneida Mooncrest Steel Flatware

Let's take a closer look:


  • Mooncrest must be one of the brand's most popular designs: it really is a classic, and the only thing that distinguishes it from the classic department is the insistence on symmetry and almost minimalist lack of additional ornament. Leaf or quill shaped handles gradually taper towards the waist, which, like all modern flatware eschews any transitional girdle parts.

  • Camlynn introduces linear motifs and asymmetry (the linear patterns bear an interesting historical resemblance to classic Greek sails) that echo Flight and Aquarius; the arching rainbow that cuts through the steel also evokes various nature shapes. An uncharacteristic design in that it combines the speed of the line with the solidity of the overall calm layout.

  • Icarus can be seen as a more weighty Mooncrest – massive handles, leaf or droplet shaped, create a visual effect of continuous fluid motion. Though symmetrical, this Oneida flatware brings to mind seasonal and weather changes, once again alluding to nature. Something messy (in a good way) seems to be underlying this particular design.


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