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Oneida Paul Revere, Kenwood, American Harmony Steel Flatware Review

Updated on January 13, 2015

Oneida Paul Revere

Oneida make a point out of offering Classic flatware designs that rely on subtle differences rather than sharp stylistic changes to give each collection a unique flair.

For instance, Paul Revere collection appears to almost mirror Colonial Boston – yet upon a closer look, the shape of the handles has morphed from a flowing oar to a more robust baseball bat-like template. Appropriately, Paul Revere cutlery provides a strong, stable grip for the diners.

Kenwood is a close relative of Juilliard: both keep the main ornament at the tip and near the rim, and feature a central crease that lends this cutlery handles volume. Though the crown pattern in Kenwood resembles its classic kin, it's clearly more fully developed, taking the collections closer on the spectrum to Decorative/Victorian designs. Eventually, an interesting side effect of relaxed elegance emerges (as opposed to the richly florid Decorative flatware, which may get weighed somewhat down by the detailed ornamentation).

Oneida Paul Revere Steel Flatware Set
Oneida Paul Revere Steel Flatware Set


American Harmony makes elegance stand out emphatically by displaying assured oval shaped handles reminiscent of tear drops or, conversely, cuneate leaves (Oneida prefer to define it as “quill-shaped”). The soft, refined lines and borders radiate evening, end-of-the-day atmosphere, and late, more intimate meals.

68 piece service for twelve arrives in a mahogany or walnut finish chest, and includes all types of flatware: serving and sugar spoons, serving ladle and forks, dinner and butter knives, and others. Available in smaller sets and compilations as well.

Let's take a look at a couple of other Oneida classic cutlery lines:

  • Couplet: an interesting eclectic design that combines the geometry of Pearl with the border layout of American Harmony. The handles in these items may appear like miniature columns – further anchoring the impression of stability in family life.

  • Shaker reduces decorative elements to a minimum, opting for elongated, slender stems that redirect all attention towards the main section by means of a dual connecting ring (astragal). A surprisingly fragile looking flatware design that achieves the effect of intimacy by showing less rather than more.


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