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Oneida Sand Dune, Chandler, Frost, Capello Modern Steel Silverware Reviews

Updated on January 13, 2015

Oneida Contemporary

One of the most fascinating characteristics of Oneida modern flatware lies in the readiness to employ unusual curving shapes that seem to convey unfinished motions – imparting a sense of longing, and even uncertainty. These collections not only break with traditions – which Oneida showed they can follow in such decorative lines as Michelangelo, and such classic ones as Juilliard – they go as far as to change our understanding what tableware should look like.

To create lasting visual interest, Sand Dune, Chandler, Frost, and Capello collections rely on geometrical forms and three dimensional modifications, where the metal of the handles literally flows, and creates powerful light-shadow interplays. Fluid, nature-inspired motifs – leaves, tree trunks and branches – lend the silverware a touch of intimacy.

We suggest that Oneida's modern selection offers patterns nourished by deep emotional currents – which often remain unseen in the more traditional and classic cutlery. Modern freedoms and ideas of uninhibited by prejudice emotional expression have seeped, it seems, into these parts of industrial design.

Oneida Steel Sand Dune Cutlery
Oneida Steel Sand Dune Cutlery

Let's take a closer look at the flatware:


  • Sand Dune presents a more robust, plump variation of Flight: the weight of the handles appears to almost encourage having healthy meal. A well within the handle produces an interesting textural and visual effect: the diners will appreciate the former when holding the cutlery, and the latter when examining in light.

  • Chandler: a classic design reminiscent of Flight, Paule Revere, and Colonial Boston, a contemporary touch forces the handles to curve slightly downwards. This collection stands out for its rectangular spoon, an important alternative for home makers seeking to spice things up with unusual shapes.

  • Frost features a surprisingly conventional pattern that's very close to Mercer: two-tone finish, where the tip is almost segmented from the rest of the piece. Straightforward industrial type configuration.

  • Capello embodies the shape traits we discussed above – fluid, ambiguous motions, and irregular artistic styling that breaks with tradition. Oneida offer several similar titles, including Othenia, Calm, and Lagen.


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