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Oneida Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Non-Stick Cookware Review: Pots, Pans, Sets

Updated on January 13, 2015

Oneida Cookware

Oneida cookware comprises a quintessential segment of the company's selection: the food we place and see on the tableware, and cut and eat with the flatware – it all starts in the pots, pans, and skillets.

Oneida kitchenware is made from stainless steel and aluminum alloys, and is often anodized and clad copper enhanced – treatments that lend the items extra durability. Most of the products (particularly those declared professional) receive lifetime, or at least ten-year long warranty.

Bakeware, ceramic, or porcelain, comprises another important department where the cooking actually takes place. The pans and the bowls are manufactured in commercial quality – another way to define industrial, highly resistant and durable product – and often present an aesthetically pleasing form that allows to serve the food right out of the oven.

Oneida Steel Pots and Pans
Oneida Steel Pots and Pans

Many (but not all) of the stoneware pieces are safe to use in dishwasher, microwaves, ovens, and freezers.


Oneida offer several collections of pans, stainless steel or aluminum, that contain a range of differently sized pieces intended for various uses: sauté pans, sauce pans (open or covered), multicookers, stock pots, and more. Designed with utility in mind, the display a functional brushed surface, large handles for ease of use and relocation, and glass lids.

Aluminum items come painted in red, and feature non-stick surfaces and silicon handles – these are suitable for smaller kitchens and family sized cooking.

Professional Bakeware

Bakeware includes a range of items for baking – square cakes, muffins, cookies – covered with non-stick coating, and cast from either ceramic or alloys. While the weight of the pans raises their level to commercial&industrial, cleaning can be quite a demanding task.

Accessories include cooling racks, measuring cups and spoons (stainless steel), bamboo spoons, hand graters, balloon whisks, instant read thermometers, garlic presses, can openers, slicers cutting boards, kitchen shears, and various serving tools – pasta servers, salad spoons, and others.


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