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Best Easy Open Jar Tools - Rubber Grips & More

Updated on April 27, 2013

You know exactly what I'm talking about.

You've cooked up some spaghetti or pasta and you're all ready to add the finishing touches.

You've got plates, cutlery, cheese and drinks all ready on the table.

You grab the pasta sauce bottle and twist.

And twist. And twist again.

Of course it doesn't open - it never does when you need it to, does it?

However don't lose hope just yet - it's not the end of the world - there is an easy solution!

There are plenty of options for opening a jar that guarantee success each and every time, without needing a strong man in the house to show off his muscles each time you cook (although you know he loves the opportunity!).

Next time you can't open a jar (and he can't either!) just try one of these cheap and nifty devices for popping the lid off in no time!

Rubber Grip Jar Opener

This is my personal favorite jar opener.

It's the no frills basic without all the gadgets and yet does exactly what it's meant to do - open jars.

The bumpy rubber surface has an amazingly strong grip on all types of jar and bottle lids, allowing you to open them without worrying about rubbing your hands raw or hurting your fingers.

It'll last for years and is guaranteed to be a kitchen accessory you'll soon not be able to live without.

Using one of these, you don't need to worry about your hands being too sweaty or oily or wet. Simply throw the rubber grip on top, spin and eat!

Rubber Jar Opener Set

If you're looking for a wider range of versatile methods to easily open jars, this set may be just the thing.

Made of high quality rubber and including a square, round and bottle top style opener, they are a must have if you regularly open a range of bottles and jars.

They're also a great way for older people or those with hand or arthritic problems to maintain their independence and open even the most difficult jars.

The only problem that users reported is a strong rubbery smell, meaning they might be best stored in an open and well aired spot.

Easy Twist Jar Opener

This product has been rated five stars by consumers and it's easy to see why.

With a specially fitted rubber lining inside a durable plastic handle, this jar opener easily grasps any jar lid and opens it with just a turn of the wrist.

The shape of the opener allows easy size compatibility from those small anchovies jars though to larger pasta sauce jars, baby food through to that annoyingly stuck soda bottle!

Opening Jars The Old Fashioned Way

If you're not big on the idea of a utensil just to open jars, you can try some old fashioned tricks - placing the jar lid under hot water to help it expand and loosen. Or tapping the edges hard with a knife till the seal pops. But if you're still waiting 15 minutes or till a man comes home to get the lid off, don't say we didn't tell you so!


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