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Obtain a Building Permit in Indoensia

Updated on August 17, 2010

To obtain of Building Permit (IMB), should come directly to the section P2B District location home address which will be built.

Documents needed to take care of IMB

1. IMB application form
2. Photocopy of identity card
3. Architectural drawings and drawings of buildings to be established situation.
4. Photocopy of the last UN payment
5. Photocopy of certificate of legal land ownership (certificate, deed of sale and purchase)

If the full requirements of the Consent Principle (IP) will be published within five days and you can immediately start the implementation of development. IMB itself will be published 20 harikemudian in the form of SK.

IMB Terms of approval include:

1. The proposed building plans must be in accordance with the Spatial Plan designation.

2. Building area shall be in accordance with the provisions of KDB (Coefficient of Association Building) or BCR (Building Converage ratio), which is the ratio between the maximum building footprint (the part that covers the soil surface) with a total catchment area of land. For urban KDB usually ranges from 30% -60% depending on the region.

3. Belt Line Building (GSB) plot the distance from the front of the building with the outer body, for in the environment is usually ½ of the width of the road or at least 3 m.

4. Building heights should not exceed the assessments for the areas where the buildings will be erected .. This altitude limit varies according to location and land use. For residential areas is usually a maximum of approximately 9 m. If you exceed the building plans from the provisions of the Spatial Plan then you need a special permission from higher government.


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