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Optimism, prayer, preparation

Updated on May 3, 2013

Optimism, prayer, preparation

I say these three words because that is what I think people should do to succeed. These three things have been in my mind for a week so I thought I would share it. It is not hard to follow and it can be your way of life.
Being positive can help you in your life. There are times when you just want to give up and be down on yourself. But you have to realize that you can still turn things around. Look at some things on the bright side and it will be better. Sometimes crying is a good relief, because the weight on your chest is gone and you can stop and think. Breathing is good also to clear your head. Stay positive.
I like praying to thank God that my family and I are alive and well. Having faith is great to stay positive and to go forward in life. If praying is not for you, then having faith is still good to do what you got to do.
Now that you can think on the bright side, you can be able to prepare in what you want to do. Whenever doing something, prepare beforehand so you do not forget or end up owing something. With bills, have money set aside to pay for it. Even open a savings account. Sometimes when you can't pay for a bill, you can always call the company to extend the due date. There are times when the company will hassle you by calling, but you still have to be consistent with them and try to pay the minimum amount. It even works with your career, have something to fall back on or a plan B to be safe. Have a plan that you know will work and keep at it.


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