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Opulent, Alluring & Luxurious Silk Curtains

Updated on March 20, 2011

Silk Curtains Are The Elegant Choice

If you're looking for curtains that are light, beautiful, opulent and elegant, then your obvious choice has to be silk curtains. When silk curtains are added to your home's décor your entire living space benefits from that magnificent and luxurious material that adds a bit of extravagance to any room. Silk curtains are very simply the best curtains you can treat your house to!

Silk Curtains Have Been The Standard For Centuries

First produced centuries ago in China, silk was sought after as a valuable commodity. This delicate, light fabric can be dyed almost any color imaginable. Silk has a supple sheen and soft finish that feels cool and gentle to the touch. Sheer silk curtains will allow in light through a window but will prevent anyone from looking into your home.

The sheer magnificence of beautiful silk curtains
The sheer magnificence of beautiful silk curtains

For an exotic look with Oriental undertones, choose silk curtains of rich colors. If you want your room to have an airy, light feel look for silk of pale or light colors. This color palette emphasizes the silk's grace and fragility. Whichever look you prefer, be sure to consider the other colors in your décor in order to achieve the theme you're going for. While silk curtains are typically used as curtains, you can also use them for a door covering.

Babylon Silk Curtain, flannel interlined for added sade enhancing.
Babylon Silk Curtain, flannel interlined for added sade enhancing.

Accentuate Your Décor With Silk Curtains

Of course there are many options to silk curtains, such as bamboo curtains or even thermal drapes, but few of the alternatives have the beauty of silk.

When you decide to treat your home to silk window curtains you have an extensive variety to choose from. You can choose to opt for striped silk curtains, silk sheer curtains, or pleated silk curtains in a spectrum of fabrics from the sheer opulence of the Dupioni silk curtain all the way to the budget stretching faux silk curtains, as there are silk curtains drapes to suit every taste and pocket book.

A silk curtain can accentuate your décor and silk panel curtains can be among the most elegant among the various types and designs. The luxurious silk curtain panels give your interior decoration a taste of timeless style, so you certainly can't go wrong with silk curtains' panels!

100% pure silk curtains in teal add elegance and flair
100% pure silk curtains in teal add elegance and flair

Precious Silk Curtains Require Careful Care

 Silk may be made from natural sources so it does require more care than synthetic materials. In fact, silk curtains should always be washed by hand in order to preserve their bright colors and softness.

You can use pricey specialty soaps made just for silk or a gentle shampoo as a less expensive alternative. Be sure to test any product on a small section of your curtain first. Also avoid wringing the fabric to avoid damaging it. Hang to dry and you've got a beautiful, clean set of silk curtains!

There is no doubt that silk curtains are going to cost you several times the amount of a cheaper synthetic curtain set up, but the value, long lasting qualities, and incomparable aesthetic appeal of a magnificent set of silk curtains will certainly be worth every penny as it provides you with years of pleasure and elegance!

How To Make Your Own Dramatic Silk Curtains!

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    • Hal Licino profile image

      Hal Licino 8 years ago from Toronto

      I especially love the ones in the bottom photo. They look like something that Thomas Jefferson would have hanging at Monticello. :)

    • Sandyspider profile image

      Sandy Mertens 8 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

      The curtains look great!