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Orange Duvet

Updated on March 21, 2011

Choosing An Orange Duvet Cover

Orange duvet covers come in a wide variety of designs and patterns. Having an orange duvet cover does not mean that your bed has to look like a solid orange pumpkin.

There are not only selections of prints such as florals, gingham, stripes and paisleys, there are also varieties of styles from the more modern looking duvet covers to the most classic and traditional orange duvet cover.

Your orange duvet does not have to be boring or brightly colored either. Consider all the options of oranges from the lightest peach to the deepest spiced orange.

Color Coordinating to Your Orange Duvet

While many people feel restricted in their bedroom color coordination when it comes to an orange duvet cover sticking only to colors in the duvet. While this is a good idea too, it is important to recognize your other choices of accent colors that work well with orange.

  • A neutral shade such as beige or taupe on the walls will look great with any color orange duvet. Ivories and whites also fall into this category.
  • Try choosing a color that sits beside orange on the color wheel such as a yellow or a red. While these warm colors are not for everyone, they will refresh and brighten your room.
  • Choose a shade of blue to compliment your orange. Blue is orange's opposite on the color wheel, so together they make quite a beautiful pair. Make sure to choose a warmer shade of blue if your orange duvet is warmer and cooler blue if the orange is cooler. Remember that lighter shades of orange are usually cooler toned.
  • Choose a lighter or darker shade of orange to compliment your orange duvet cover. Just be sure to stick within the same orange family.
  • Choose a red-violet or blue-green for an accent or wall color. These are known as orange's split complementary colors on the color wheel, and they will real add a special, elegant and rich touch to your decor. Plus, it will make you look like a design specialist.

I hope this has enlightened you in the many choices you have when decorating with a new orange duvet cover and hope it inspires those of you who already have some of these colors in your room.

orange duvet
orange duvet


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