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The Color of Orange in Modern Home Decorating

Updated on October 29, 2012
Image source: http://decoration-ideas-org/2010/furniture/
Image source: http://decoration-ideas-org/2010/furniture/
Use orange for intensity of character, personality and design in decorative home accessories. Use orange as a lift of style energy for furniture and accent furnishings. Image credit:
Use orange for intensity of character, personality and design in decorative home accessories. Use orange as a lift of style energy for furniture and accent furnishings. Image credit:
Image credit:
Image credit:
Image credit:
Image credit:
Image credit:
Image credit:

The value of color in home design makes a big difference. Color is a positive personal trend and an effective carrier of unforgettable style. Try a new angle in decorating with the color orange in home decor.

The colors of orange are strong, vibrant and stimulating. Orange is a sunny color choice for a kitchen or dining room. Capture a mood of cozy, inviting and happy elegance for your walls in orange color tones.

Try a unique and unexpected modern punch of color with shades of orange tones in artwork. Create a warm theme with orange as a major feature of an accent wall.

Choose a shade of orange color that enhances the style of your decor. Make a personal theme of design with the vibrant, punch of energy and cozy elegance of orange tones.

Invite a blissful and healing quality to a decorative scheme with orange hues inspired by flowers, fall colors, sunsets and citrus fruits.

Create a fun and soothing aura with the design properties of orange that stir up enthusiasm in your room environments. Coordinate incredible style with a variety of orange accents that enriches your home decor. White, cream, tan, brown, red, green and black are the best colors that expand a decorative style with orange shades.

A pop of orange color is an unexpected style accent. Decorate with white and orange colors in furniture and accessories. Look for new ways to feature shades of orange in your interior rooms.

Decorate with a color palette of orange in elegant layers through pillows, drapery and wall paper. Use orange colors as a modern anchor for your decorative style.

New Design

Use the warmth and intensity of orange as a dramatic quality for a personal or decorative theme. Show personality and unique character with modern orange accent chairs, large orange vases and a multicolor orange area rug.

The color orange in casual elegance is warm, soothing and exotic. It is a powerful color as a main feature or a stylish layer in the background of a room space. Choose orange tones in home furnishings for modern luxury or an unexpected twist of color style.

Do you have a place in your decorative scheme for orange colors? Shades of orange in your room spaces are a dose of fashion and fun impact. Create a splash of vibrant energy and modern style appeal with the valuable and unforgettable power of orange.


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    • profile image

      EA Barnes 

      5 years ago

      Decorating with orange can be an unexpected change. Try orange as a fun personal dare and see how you like it.

    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 

      5 years ago from Arizona

      These photos look really lovely even though orange has not been one of my most favorite colors..Could rethink this.


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