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Oreck Insight Vacuum Cleaner Review : Best Buy or Nah?

Updated on May 26, 2014

Oreck Insight is the best buy for anyone not wanting to buy super expensive Vacuum Cleaners.

Trying to find a perfect Vacuum cleaner for home can be a never ending story for some people, including my family. We’re currently on a hunt to buy a decent Vacuum cleaner for our home that is not super expensive like Dysons.

We like Dyson but we really don’t want to spend a whole load of money on a Vacuum cleaner right now so we searched and searched and found this pretty thing, Oreck Insight Vacuum Cleaner.

Here’s my analysis of Oreck Insight Vacuum cleaner which includes our opinions as well as the opinions of other customers who bought it.

I've highlighted all the key features of Oreck Insight Vacuum cleaner in detail to help anyone thinking about buying it.

One thing, when you’re searching to buy Vacuum cleaners, make sure you keep your needs in mind and not get carried away with all the cool features of the Vacuum cleaner.

Looks easy to carry, doesn't it?

What are the key features of Oreck Insight Vacuum Cleaner?

Lightweight- Oreck Insight Vacuum Cleaner weighs approximately 9 pounds without the cord which makes it easier to push and carry around. This is one of the best features to look for if you have staircases in your house.

102 mph airflow- Provides excellent suction power needed to clean any floor surface.

Sample Customers feedback:

One customer complimented Oreck Insight’s suction power in a unique way. She said “this thing sucks up just about anything so be careful” followed by a smiley face emoticon. She sounded pleased about it because she compared it with her old vacuum cleaner that had poor suction power. This customer also mentioned on her review that she has 3 kids and a dog and so she needs a vacuum with more power. She gave it a super 5* rating too.

Two speeds- High speed for merciless cleaning on carpet and low speed for gentle cleaning on rugs and bare floors.

Sample Customer Feedback: One customer mentioned that she belongs to a military family which requires them to move houses often and that she was tired of trying to find one vacuum cleaner to suit all types of flooring. This customer said she absolutely loves Oreck and that it’s working perfectly fine for her new half carpet/half tile floored house.

She also talked about how easy it is to switch to high speed for carpet and low suction speed for tile. This customer mentioned having trouble with other vacuum cleaners pushing dirt around the floor but after using Oreck Insight, she said “but not this guy, it picks up everything.” Now that’s one heck of a positive feedback bout the different speed levels from just one customer. Impressive!

Cleaning under furniture is no more a pain when you have Oreck!

Absolutely love the folding feature of Oreck Insight Vacuum.

Side Brushes- Helps cleaning hard to reach areas and pet hair easier.

Lays Flat- This is an awesome feature that we love about Oreck Insight, now you don’t have to miss or stress cleaning under the furniture without causing damage to the cleaner or the furniture.

30 Foot Cord- Helps to reach far and clean quickly.

Sensitive to Dirt and Allergens? No Problem, Oreck Insight has HEPA Bag!

HEPA Inner Bag- One of the biggest concerns about bag vacuum cleaners is the troubles it can cause to one’s health when emptying the bag.

With the Oreck Insight Vacuum cleaner, you don’t have to worry about that because it comes with HEPA [High Efficiency Particulate Air] inner bag. It’s designed to capture at least 99.97% of particles from the air which includes dust, dirt, allergens, smoke, pollen and all those little hard to notice guys. And whatever trouble goes into the basket will stay in there.

Who is it suitable for?

It’s a perfect choice for those who have staircases or have health issues such as back pain. It’s also a good choice for elderly adults and if you have pets. Such a versatile vacuum isn’t it?

Any Extras?

  • It’s currently on a 33% Discount on Amazon which means you will save $99.47.
  • Free Shipping and 2 day delivery option also available.
  • Comes with a 5 Year Warranty which makes it one of the most durable vacuum cleaners out there.
  • Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval- This certifies that Oreck Insight Vacuum cleaner meets the highest performance standards.

Are there any cons to be aware of?

Oreck doesn't come with any attachment which only seems to be a problem for a small number of customers but they matter too. Some customers mentioned it but they also mentioned how it doesn't matter to them one bit. Does it for you?

Should YOU buy it?

Does it match your needs? If the features of Oreck insight vacuum match your needs then we don’t see why not. We love the versatility of Oreck, it seems to have quite a lot of useful features for a reasonable price. For e.g. the folding feature to clean under furniture and HEPA bag are two awesome features to look for when buying vacuum cleaners.

You can use it every day or whenever you prefer without straining your back. The light weight of Oreck Insight makes it nice and easy to clean staircases.

Where can I buy it?

Best place online would be from Amazon. You can also buy it from Target and Best Buy.

Read customer reviews and buying info of Oreck Insight on Amazon.

What are other customers saying about Oreck Vacuum Cleaner?

At least 90% of the customer reviews on Amazon for Oreck are very positive and 4-5*+ ratings which is not always the case for most Vacuum cleaners.

A lot of customers seem to compare it with Dyson and said that it’s an excellent vacuum for half price of a Dyson vacuum cleaner. Dyson has it’s own unique features too but we can’t change the way customers feel about Oreck. They really seem to think it’s worth their money at an affordable price compared to Dyson.

Another cool feature that customers kept mentioning is that Oreck Insight Vacuum cleaner is self propelled so you barely need to apply any force to push it. This would make it a perfect choice for busy moms and anyone shoulder or back pains.

What are your experiences with Oreck Insight Vacuum cleaner?

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