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Craft Supplies Organizers

Updated on August 22, 2011

Every one has one of those rooms. The rooms where everything is just laying all over the place. It is one of those rooms with last years Christmas wrapping paper, scissors and the cool cutting tool you got but have never tried. You would love to do your crafts there but you just have no room. Make a resolution now to take back your craft room. Read through this article to give you tips to organize craft supplies! Here you will find several ideas including craft tool boxes, rolling craft carts and much more.

CraftMaster II Deluxe Art, Drawing & Hobby Table with Black Base and Cherry Top

Organize Craft Supplies on a craft table

One of the best ways to organize your crafts is to have a craft table. A craft table will give you plenty of places to organize craft supplies. Having a good craft table is essential to creating a good craft space. The Craft Master II Deluxe Craft table has a tilting surface making it easier to draw or paint.  The attractive cherry  top surface is 28 x 40 inches. At the bottom of the top surface is a metal ledge used for keeping your instruments.   On either side of the drawing surface, there are two organizer trays for craft or art supply storage.   There is even more storage underneath.  Two drawer units are on the bottom on both sides of the desk. These set of four drawers are seven inches wide by nine inches long.  The desk has a foot rest on the bottom.  Customers  give this craft desk great reviews.   Customers state this desk is not bad for the price and is definitely for the older artist.

Desktop Carousels

Organize Craft Supplies on a desktop carousel

Desk top carousels are clever craft organizers. The Desk top carousel has five top compartments surrounding the middle compartment.  There are eleven compartments in all. Three large compartments in the middle are perfect for scissors, brushes or other larger items.  There are eight smaller compartments for smaller items such as push pins, beads or paperclips. This organizer is great for office supplies too.  This particular desktop carousel comes in clear, but it is also available in black.   .

Scrapbook Case Chest with Organizer Top (White frame with clear cases) (25" H x 15.87" W x 14.25" D)

Organize Craft Supplies scrapbook Organizer

 If you like scrap booking then you will love this scrapbook organizer.  The Organizer has six drawers that can accommodate the large scrapbook papers as well as other supplies. The drawers slide out easily and are 12 x 12 inches.   The six drawers are set atop four wheels making it easy to maneuver this from room to room.  The top of the organizer has top that allows for  organization of  tools, pencils or other craft supplies.   Customers give this scrapbook supply organizer high marks.  Customers say it is a good storage option.

Organize Craft Supplies in Clear Craft supply box

You can simply organize craft supplies by putting them into a see though plastic supply box. This acrylic clear box has a few compartments to place your items in.

Organize Craft Supplies in large box craft organizer

This item is a great way to organize craft supplies! This clear acrylic box snaps together with two other same size boxes to make a larger box. This craft organizer is over a foot long and over a foot wide. There are several variation of this craft organizer sold. It is sold not only in square but in rectangular shape. It is also sold in a smaller version. All three can be sold together at a low price!

Storage Solutions 1592S6 12-Piece Organizer

Organize Craft Supplies in a 12 Piece Organizer

This great gizmo is a good space saver to orgainze crafts. It hangs on your wall and can hold siscsors, ribbons, paitns and pencils. It weighs just over five pounds and is made of metal with metal mesh pockets. It is easy to hang!

Organize Craft Supplies in Paper Craft organizer

Organize your craft supplies by having your scrapbook paper, craft paper or construction paper on this portable trolley. It is made of metal and silver in color. It has two shelves. Note the organizers you see on the trolley must be purchased separately and are not oa part of the portable trolley. The trolley is easy to wheel from room to room!

Rolling 10-Drawer Craft Organizer Cart - Multicolor

Organize Craft Supplies in Rolling Craft organizer

Another option to organize craft supplies is the rolling 10 drawer cart organizer. The drawers are over two inches deep and nearly a foot long. This is perfect for your small craft items such as beads or other embellishments. There are several variations of this product. If you need bigger drawers try the 6 drawer rolling cart organizer!

Wall Control 30-CC-200WW Craft Center Organizer

Organize Craft Supplies in Wall Control Craft Center

Organize crafts will a wall hanging component. The Wall Control Craft Center comes with three shelves two peg and three blue containers for your carfts. It makes a great addition to any craft table.


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