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Organic is Becoming Normal

Updated on October 13, 2011

Growing Food

Have you noticed that organic is becoming "normal"? The media is infiltrated with a great deal of information on organic food. Mainstream groceries have organic food sections and believe it or not, organic food is becoming more economical to buy. People on food stamps have the ability to purchase it especially at farmer markets across the country.

People are finding out you can grow food without using all those insecticides and tons of fertilizers. You just have to know which vegetable plants are companions with other vegetable plants. By intermixing these plants, you cut down on insects. Mono-cropping in straight rows entices insects. Vegetable plants love to be surrounded by other vegetable plants different than them. Composting dead leaves, grass clipping and vegetation left from produce such as peelings and rinds take the place of fertilizer. Nothing is ever wasted in nature.

There are so many reasons to go organic and the primary reason is "it is healthy for you and your family". Organic food is higher in nutrition than processed food. It is non-toxic and grows in healthy soil not reated with pesticides. Pesticides are known to cause cancer, ADHD and autism. Hormones and antibiotics used to produce more meat are harmful to children as they grow and they are also harmful to the animals. Organic food simply tastes better and many chefs know that there is no need to cover entrees with lots of sauce. Cooking is becoming much simpler.

Organic food promotes biodiversity and management practices that restore health not only to us but to the earth as well. Start going organic by buying food from the grocery store with the seal "USDA Organic". Once you do, you may even plant your own garden.


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