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Organize Mind to Organize Home

Updated on November 5, 2014

Who doesn’t want an organized home? But though you need it desperately, members of your family don’t understand it and everyone adds to the clutter as much as possible and though you screech and scream, they pay least attention and after all, it becomes your headache. Then everyday you resolve to de-clutter and organize the home during the coming weekend. But on the weekend, you cannot do it all (naturally, because you have other chores too to finish) and you get filled with nervousness and an anxiety that you are never going to accomplish the huge task!

Here are some tips for you, to get out of such a messy situation and organize your home as per your own wish.

How to: Get Organized!

Have Patience

First of all, never assume that you will do it in one or two days. Though you wish a lot to become Cinderella’s fairy and with a flick of your magic wand turn the house all clean and tidy, you know you just can’t do it. So, have patience! Set small, but achievable goals. It is better to go slow and steady, than to leave it undone. Divide the job into smaller ones, like a corner of a room or even a writing table, arrange them on the basis of priority and do them one by one. If you have strength remained after finishing the first, undertake the next; otherwise leave it for the next day or two days or whenever, you think, you will get time.

Think on Which Mood you Want

Sit for a while and think which mood you want around you in your house – when you work at your desk or in the kitchen, when you return from work, when you play with your kids, or when you watch TV with your spouse… Then look at each item of the clutter and think if it will suit your desired mood. If no, throw it out or keep it in the garage sale.

Make Yourself Strong

Well, going with the thought given above, you have to make yourself strong to throw away many things, which you won’t dare to. Many inhibitions will come in the way, like ‘this was given by Mom on my last birthday’ or ‘this is the first painting of my baby’, and so on. But, remember, if you go on attaching your heart with many things, you will have to maintain them and bear the clutter. If you don’t want the clutter, you should be become strong.

Test to Find Out Really Useful (& Useless) Items

I read about a brilliant test given by a home décor expert to find out what is really useful in the home. If you have a drawer of your closet, study table or kitchen cabinet, full of miscellaneous items, about which you have always thought whether they are really useful, but are not yet able to decide. Pour all these items in a cardboard box. When you will use an item, put it again in the drawer. Do this for a month, or if you want, for two months. The things left behind in the box after the given period are useless and you should throw them away. It is that simple!

Assign a Space for Similar Items

Think on the items you need in the house. Divide them according to their utility. Segregate them in groups and assign a space for each of them. You can make many groups like linens, sleepwear, warm clothes, party wear, shoes, makeup items, medicines, toys, books, monthly bills, magazines and newspapers, crockery, utensils, canned food, cereals, and many others. Now you can either use the existing space or make a new space (e.g. by buying a new cabinet or rack) for keeping these things together in a group. Keeping things in such a way not only looks clean and organized, but also it makes you stress-free, because you don’t have to run from one room to the other while doing some work as you get all the things at one place.

Thus if you first organize your mind and think calmly to arrange the work according to their priority, you can easily accomplish the task of organizing your home

How to Organize Your Home


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