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How to be Organized: Living Room Cleaning Tips

Updated on August 7, 2012

The living room - knowing how to clean your room and keep it clean may seem like a simple enough task, yet somehow so many people still struggle with this. Especially families with young and energetic children. These simple tips will tell you how to keep organized and make your family space tidy and inviting. Some furniture moving may be required!

  • When arranging your furniture in your living room, be aware of the shape of the space and how it flows. It is a good idea to create “sections” in the room. For example, in the main area, keep the couch in front of the TV, but in another space, have a smaller chair next to the book case and lamp. In another, have a play area if you have children. This small change can make a big impact on the overall organization of the room and how cluttered it may look as the day goes on.
  • Invest in shelves. There is a wide variety of shelving available today, they add a bit of visual interest and help keep clutter at bay. If you choose a shelving unit with different sections you can use one for books, another for mail and another to even keep track of all the remotes. The possibilities are endless.
  • Consider a wastebasket. It’s true that they are not a common feature in most living rooms, but they are actually a really great idea. You can find a small decorative one that matches your décor or even something a little more muted to blend in the background. You can also find one with a lid to keep the pets and kids from snooping around in there. One piece of advice: ban any food items going in there to reduce the chances of any smells.
  • Use a coffee table and end tables that have drawers. They can be a real life saver. Keep small boxes inside for any knick knacks that always seem to find their way in the living room such as spare batteries, loose change and pens. This would also be a great place to keep all of your remote controls.
  • Keep all of your cords untangled and dangle-free. Although we usually don’t see all the cords behind the TV, game consoles and DVD players, they can quickly become a huge mess which is a problem once you need to get back there for any reason. Use twist ties, a cable zipper or the Cableyoyo.
  • Use the space behind the sofa. A small low bookshelf or other similar storage unit is great for keeping extra throw blankets and pillows as well as any other necessities. You can also use the top for a place to put lamps or picture frames.


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