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Organizing with a Plan

Updated on December 1, 2011

To Do Lists

Back to Organizing!

In a previous hub I talked about the beginning steps to organize your home and touched on the difficulties of clearing the clutter. Today we will be getting another step closer to that clean, green home by discussing the importance of lists and schedules.

I am notorious for my lists. Matthew thought the white board on the fridge was a cute idea originally and sometimes he would draw pictures on it or leave notes for me to read when I came in from work. Then the true purpose of the board came out, it was a honey-do list. *gasp!*

Granted the list wasn't always just for Matthew, I would write myself little reminders and tasks I didn't want to forget before the day was over. There is just a wonderful feeling that comes with being able to cross out a completed task that I think I'm addicted to! I have lists on the fridge, lists on my phone, and I even have a wedding checklist taped to the wall by the computer. Lists are just a great way for you to see what you have to do and what is already done.

All that being said, I live and die by my daily planner and I can't imagine not having one. I take it to appointments with me when I know I'll be scheduling another one while I'm there, like the dentist, and I carry it to work so I can update my schedule as it changes there. I highly suggest getting a planner if you don't already have one. There are many options for planners but I prefer the refillable kind since it's less wasteful. You can spend the money on a pretty organizer that you will love and not mind being seen with and then just pay another 5 bucks later on to put new pages in it when you run out. If you love your little planner you are more likely to use it!

I have a planner that has both weekly and monthly views but I really only use the monthly view as it was intended. The weekly view sections wind up being my lists and the area where I jot down a few important notes. On the monthly sections I write the goals for the entire month and then break them down into assignments for the week.

The tricky part is to not include absolutely everything you want to do in a list. I used to make this mistake and then I would be discouraged when I didn't accomplish even half the list. You need to know what you are capable of and not set the bar too high. Think of it this way, it's better to accomplish a few small things then to do nothing because it's just all too much to even look at.

So how to do this? We will go back to that wonderful world of prioritizing! Make a list of 5 things you want to do this week and rate them according to how important it is to you that they be completed.

I'll use my list as an example:

1) Finish order to get new windows in the house (Did this one today!)

2) Schedule vet appointment for the kittens (Shooting for tomorrow!)

3) Set up with the bridesmaids to get measured for their dresses

4) Clean out living room closet (This one has been staring at me for while, definitely past due!)

5) Clean air conditioners and store them for the season

Now you can either have large goals for the month broken into smaller weekly goals or do your list the way I do mine. Basically whichever way makes sense to you is the best option for you! So get those lists made and start checking off your to dos! Also check out some of the organizing books I've included below, definitely worth a peek!

Organize! Making a list and reading some books!

AT-A-GLANCE Day Runner Day Planner, Windsor QuickView, Refillable, Black (101-0299)
AT-A-GLANCE Day Runner Day Planner, Windsor QuickView, Refillable, Black (101-0299)

A sleek and simple look to help you get your lists together!



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