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Organizing your Childs Room

Updated on March 17, 2014
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Samantha is a mom of 4 who loves crafting, DIY home improvements, and interior design.

Why do you need to Organize?

As a child I had one toy box and everything just got tossed in and then when I was looking for a specific doll everything got tossed back out and then I had to clean my whole room. Looking back at that example that may be the reason why I'm such a neat freak today. Like every other mom I check on my kids before I go to bed at night which usually includes tripping on matchbox cars and books in the dark. At some point several years ago I grew tired of that routine and decided to organize. See some of my tips on how to fix common organization issues in kids bedrooms.

I used something like this because it's sturdiness compared to the plastic ones.
I used something like this because it's sturdiness compared to the plastic ones. | Source

Under-the-bed storage

I have a very small house for the amount of people that live in it and closet space is at maximum capacity. I needed ways to store the kids toys without having bulky furniture taking up all the floor space. I turned to under-the-bed bins. I gave each bin a category (trains, cars, action figures, and misc.) and printed a picture and taped that picture to the front of the bin (for the little ones that can't read yet). Every night as part of his bedtime routine he helps to sort all of his toys into the proper bin. The wooden bins I purchased slide perfectly under the bed and once the bed skirt comes down you can't even see that they're there. I paid $9.99 at my local craft store and these can be painted to match your child's room or even hand-painted and personalized.

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Cube StorageCube Storage Bin
Cube Storage
Cube Storage | Source
Cube Storage Bin
Cube Storage Bin | Source

Book/Toy storage

I purchased a cube storage option for my sons books because it can be used for books or; with the purchase of the canvas bins, can be used for extra toy storage. The cube storage piece itself was on sale for $39 and the canvas bins can be found from $5 up to $15 depending on the material and the design. This also gave me the space on top for his lamp and baby monitor and some more decorative pieces to help bring the theme of his room to life.

Purchased at Wal-Mart for $5
Purchased at Wal-Mart for $5

Stuffed Animal Storage

We all know that kids of all ages love stuffed animals and end up with exuberant amounts of them and hate to see them go away. I use round plastic totes to store my kids' stuffed animals in. I purchased the ones you see in the picture from Wal-Mart for $5 each and we have at least one in each child's room.

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Toy StorageToy StorageToy Storage
Toy Storage
Toy Storage | Source
Toy Storage
Toy Storage | Source
Toy Storage
Toy Storage | Source

Looking for more Options

There are so many options on organizing your kids toys, the possibilities seem endless. I have included some photos of some other storage options that may work better for your family. Ikea has a ton of storage and options for the home and their toys storage is not lacking. Walmart has a lot of cost effective items for storage as well, including full wall units for storage. Then there are also specialty kids boutiques where you can pay a lot of money for personalized storage units that fit your home and room design.

More Play Area Storage Ideas

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