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Miniature Pumpkin Plants and Ornamental Peppers

Updated on February 9, 2012

Miniature Edible Pumpkin Plants


Miniature Pumpkin Plants

These little plants caught my eye last fall. Many people love huge pumpkins, and we all know how much fun those are. On the other end of the spectrum come these super tiny but festive little pumpkins growing in pots or on vines.

One name of such pumpkins are "Jack Be Little." You can search for these online or at your local nursery to purchase. They will be under the gourd section, as that is what they really are. Many people call them pumpkins however, and we can see why.

Planting Miniature Pumpkin Plants

You can plant seeds indoors to get a head start, then put outside after the last frost. Or you can sow seeds or plants directly outside where you want to grow them.

What caught my eye most, was that these were just growing in a little pot, or in the ground. After researching them a bit further, I found some people grow these on trellises, or in hanging baskets. If you grow them off a deck, they will trail down with these very cute little pumpkins growing on them.

While these will grow well in pots, you must be aware that you will need to add a lot of fertilizer and and keep them well watered during the growing season.

Harvesting Miniature Pumpkins

Let these little pumpkins grow until they are fully orange, and the stem dries. When taking off the plant, make sure to not break the stem.

You can actually eat these though they are almost too cute to eat! People have used them as wonderful decorations, or carved out and used to hold jello or another dessert. How about worms and dirt, in chocolate pudding? Kids love that!

Some use them for little candle holders, and I think that is the cutest idea. (Never leave burning candles unattended)

Miniature Pumpkin Plant

These are very tiny.  You could fit a few in your palm.
These are very tiny. You could fit a few in your palm. | Source

Ornamental Peppers - A Summer Garden Party!

These couldn't be more fun.  I did not edit this photo I took at all, they are just this bright and fun!
These couldn't be more fun. I did not edit this photo I took at all, they are just this bright and fun! | Source

Beautiful Ornamental Pepper Plants

I have grown these before, and they have as much color as any beautiful flower, in my opinon! They are so fun, its like having a little party going on in your garden all summer long!

These are grown mostly for their aesthetic value, and you can see why. However, some can be very hot, and some people use them in dishes as well. As with any capsicum, be careful of your skin when handling them, these hot peppers can be serious business!

You will find these cute little pepper plants carrying all kinds of colors of peppers. Some go to to a deep purple, almost black color. Some are orange, red, and yellow. Sometimes there is a combination as you see here, and that is my favorite.

If you want to grow these with the intention of using them in food dishes, you sometimes have to wait until they are grown until you know for sure how hot they will be. Some are more neutral, some are piping hot! The seeds inside and the white membrane are the most hot.

Some people dry these peppers for later use, or grind them up to put into cooking. They are very healthy, and can make you feel better if you are achy or sick. It is one of my favorite things about all hot peppers, especially cayenne.

Ornamental peppers come in so many colors


Ornamental Pumpkin and Pepper Plants Poll

Have you ever grown ornamental mini pumpkin or pepper plants yourself?

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    • oceansnsunsets profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from The Midwest, USA

      Hello Hendrika, Thank you for your comment and visit here. I think the pumpkin plants are really a fun idea to grow in pots also. I wish I could answer you better on the question of getting the seeds shipped to South Africa. I just don't know for sure, but my guess is that they would ship them there if someone paid the shipping price. Hopefully, it wouldn't be too hefty.

      I hope you can get some seeds, and grow some of your own pumpkin plants. I need to get new soil into my own pots with more nutrients before I will have some good ones growing, but that is something I hope to do.

      Thanks for stopping by, and have a good day. :)

    • Hendrika profile image


      6 years ago from Pretoria, South Africa

      I love these little pumpkins you can grow in pots. I wonder if it is possible to get the seeds in South Africa.

    • oceansnsunsets profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from The Midwest, USA

      Hello Mary, I imagine they would grow there. I would ask your local nursery owner for their advice on that though first. I hope to grow some before long. I was completely taken aback when I came upon them in the garden. They really do look like perfectly shaped pumpkins, just very very tiny. They were too cute! I love that they are edible too.

      I hope you can look into it, and perhaps grow some of your own miniature pumpkins this year.

    • mary615 profile image

      Mary Hyatt 

      6 years ago from Florida

      I've never seen these tiny pumpkins growing in S. Fl. Wonder if they would grow here. I buy them in the store in the Fall, but would like to grow them just for fun. We do grow the peppers very well, and I like them. As always, I loved this Hub, and will vote it UP!


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