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Orthopedic Mattress and Therapedic Mattress: Good For Your Spine and Back

Updated on January 10, 2015

Orthopedic Mattress

Is there such a thing as the orthopedic mattress? What is it made of?

The one thing we know about the orthopedic mattress is that it is the answer to one, two or a lot of our orthopedic problems. This kind of mattress helps in alleviating back pains, neck pains, and other body (muscle, joint, and bone) pains and if this is the case, you may ask: can a memory foam mattress be considered as an orthopedic mattress?

The answer to that personal query is a resounding yes. Any client desiring to get such a mattress has the liberty to select the material made for the topmost portion of orthopedic mattresses. Viscoelastic memory foam is a material that can comprise the topmost portion of the orthopedic mattress of your choice and so can cotton, organic or custom made.

The one thing that makes orthopedic mattresses different from other mattresses is the number of coils that these mattresses have. They say that the more number of coils the mattress have, the more advantageous to the clients suffering from orthopedic problems the mattresses are.

If you are or other people you know and care for are suffering from orthopedic problems or have just come out of an orthopedic surgical procedure and is need of something to relieve the surgical stress on the body if ever you or your loved one decides to opt for outpatient therapy, you might as well consider getting an orthopedic mattress for the home.

These mattresses are not only found in hospitals nowadays but they are alsoavailable on the market for outpatient clients and regular people suffering from orthopedic conditions to treat themselves many a good night’s sleep with. Of course they will cost quite a lot and may leave a burn on the pockets for a while but that’s temporary as the orthopedic mattress’s health benefits can make up for their high costs.

What is especially good with the orthopedic mattress is that the clients can choose the kind of topper that this kind of mattress they desire to have. Memory foam would greatly benefit such clients plagued by such physical problems because this viscoelastic foam takes the form of the body when a warm surface touches or lies above it and in the process relieves the pressures that may build up on the muscles, bones, and joints among other body parts. Soft cotton (organic or not) as topmost layer of the bed may also be source of great health benefits for individuals suffering from orthopedic problems as they have almost the same feature or capability to take the form of the sleeper’s body like the memory foam has. The only difference between the memory foam and the cotton is that the cotton would take time for heat to get into it from the body.

There’re other kinds of orthopedic mattress found for sale in the enormous mattress market. You only need to find one that’s best for you!

Orthopaedic Firm Mattress

Therapedic Mattress

A bed is a bed is a bed. This however is a line that you cannot apply to get a good night’s sleep but with Therapedic mattress, everything changes. Sleep is very important to anybody, and we all know that no bed is complete if it is not topped with a comfortable mattress.

At Therapedic mattresses, your total comfort is of utmost importance. A poor night’s sleep will affect your performance the next day, and this will do you no good. You can easily tell if you have a poor night’s sleep when you have to drag yourself out of bed in the morning, suffering backaches and your muscles hurt all over. Improper rest can make you feel drained and lack energy so it is important to get plenty of proper rest.

The staff at Therapedic mattress sees to it that you get the best of both worlds- in price and comfort when you choose a mattress from their wide selection. Aside from Therapedic, the company also distributes brands with mattresses that are designed for invigorating and improving your sleeping experience, like Serta and Nature’s Dreams.

Each feature ensures you of total comfort despite how many times you toss and turn in the night because of the memory foam that lends support to your lower back. The mattresses are made of top quality materials that will last you for many years, hence helping you save money in the long run.

Choosing a mattress is a difficult decision because you cannot judge the total comfort and quality of a mattress by just sitting on it for a few minutes in the store. There are mattresses that are lumpy and uneven, with sagging edges that you have to splurge on expensive covers to hide its real appearance.

With a Therapedic mattress, you are assured of getting the real value of what you pay for. You should know by now that the cheapest is not always the best in value and you should pay attention to the features and benefits you get if you settle for the higher-priced product. Investing in a high-quality mattress pays off after all because you can’t exchange a restful sleep for all the money in the world.

Most therapedic mattresses is designed to support you and give you proper sleep for more years, making it a wise investment. The manufacturers are daring customers to compare the unique benefits and features they can get from Therapedic products. This is how confident they are that they can pass any test you may decide to put on them, and this is what helped them get awarded patents by the U.S. Government and all over the world. Earning the prestigious Mattress Design Award is not an easy feat either that’s why the products come packaged with assurances of only the best value you can trust.

Spending one third of your life in bed is no ordinary thing. That’s a huge slice in your pie of life and it would be a shame if you spend that one third uncomfortably. There is no reason for you to suffer because you can get a better night’s sleep in a modern way on a spacious queen or king size Therapedic mattress.

How Helpful and True is the Pressure Relief Mattress?

The hunt for the perfect pressure relief mattress is in on the mattress online and the offline markets. With body nagging pressures we encounter daily, indeed, the race is on to find the best pressure relief mattress to alleviate us from these annoying physical pressures. Clients, outpatient clients that previously has had a case of extremely painful pressure ulcers or clients who seek to avoid developing these pressure ulcers, usually prefer to avail of mattresses that relieve themselves from physical pressures in sleeping.

Pressure relief mattresses are mainly found in hospitals as they are important and very much needed by patients who are plagued by illness that have something to do with pressure like pressure ulcers. Hence, the clients of mattress producing firms are usually the hospitals. It may be difficult for outpatient therapy clients to avail of this kind of mattress. If that is the case, as such is with an individual thrust into outpatient care, this kind of mattress may be operated with the help of a caregiver or a home-based, personal nurse because operating such a mattress may be difficult for lay people who are unfamiliar with this kind of technology.

The pressure relief mattress usually comes with controls as in the adjustable kind so you can be assisted to any position you need to be in with the help of the bed such as the Fowler and the usual prone positions. This is where the nurse’s or caregiver’s help usually comes in.

Pressure relief mattresses come in different foam compositions. One such mattress that uses a hollow polyester fiber is the Pressure Relieving Fibre Overlay.

Another pressure relief mattress that comes in a different form is the mattress from Repose. The mattress overlay manufactured by Repose is made up of the combination of two high-quality polyurethane of different qualities. The polyurethane that makes up the mattress is highly technological. This mattress from Repose also comes with an easy to use pump that adjusts or inflates and deflates the mattress according to your pressure relieving needs.

The high price of pressure relief mattress really won’t matter much but the health benefits would be good reason enough to acquire one in the household.

Do you use Orthopedic or Therapedic Mattress?

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