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Best Oster Microwave Reviews 2014

Updated on December 7, 2013

Microwave ovens are a cheap, easy way to quickly prepare food. Because of the pace of modern life and the features of microwave ovens, they really are a must for every kitchen. In recent years the price of microwave ovens have dropped dramatically making them very affordable.

Oster microwaves have become very popular because they are a great combination of low prices and quality manufacturing. We have picked 4 of the most popular Oster microwaves and shortly reviewed them in Oster microwave reviews. The models range from the powerful premium stainless steel one to our budget pick: the 1.7 cubic foot 700 Watt model.

Best oster microwave
Best oster microwave

The Stainless Steel 1-2/5 Cubic Foot OGG61403 Oster Microwave Oven

This 1200 WATT digital Oster microwave is 20 x 22 x 13 inches and weighs 45 pounds. It has ten variable cooking levels with six one touch cooking options. It also has a programmable child lock so that there is not any unsupervised cooking by young children.

This microwave has a comfortable grip handle and opens easily. The one touch cooking options include popcorn, beverage, pizza, reheat, potato, and frozen dinner. This Oster microwave is a great choice for any area including; the home, office, apartment, dorm, or any other area that needs a microwave.

With the child safety lock you can be assured that your child will not do any unsupervised cooking in the microwave. Many times young children put items that cannot go into a microwave, such as metal, and ruin the microwave, and can even start a fire. With this special feature you can feel secure that this will not happen.

This is the best Oster microwave in my opinion and the price difference between this and the cheaper models isn't that large. I think the OGG61403 is definitely worth the extra money.

1200 Watt Oster microwave
1200 Watt Oster microwave

The 1.2 Cubic Foot OGB81203 Digital Microwave Oven

This Oster digital microwave delivers 1200 WATTS, is 19.1 x 21.2 x 11.8 inches, and weighs 44 pounds. It has ten adjustable power levels and nine one touch menu options. This microwave also has minute plus, express cooking, and weight defrost options. It is equipped with a digital timer and clock, as well as a removable glass turntable.

This Oster microwave has many great features. The nine one touch menu options include; potato, popcorn, pizza, beverage, frozen dinner, fresh vegetable, frozen vegetable, soup, and reheat. The minute plus button lets you add minutes with one touch. The glass turntable assures even cooking and comes out for easy cleaning.

This microwave is great for any space. With the one touch menu you can cook a number of items by only having to press one button. The minute plus button lets you put food in and add the desired amount of minutes just by pressing that button the needed amount of times. With the weight defrost option you can put in any frozen item, input the weight, and let the microwave do the rest.

Best selling Oster microwave
Best selling Oster microwave

Oster OGB5901 0.9-Cubic Foot 900-Watt Digital Microwave Oven

This Digital Oster microwave is 14.6 x 19 x 11.1 and weighs 32 pounds. It has six one touch menu options, as well as an express cooking and weight defrost option. The glass turntable plate is removable for easy cleaning. There is a digital timer and clock, and a special lockout feature to keep children from using the microwave.

This microwave has the six one touch buttons that include; pizza, popcorn, beverage, potato, frozen dinner, and reheat. The special lockout feature will prevent children from turning on or using the microwave without the knowledge of an adult. The glass turntable assures even cooking, and comes out for easy cleaning.

Best budget Oster microwave
Best budget Oster microwave

The Oster .7 Cubic foot OGG3701 700 WATT Digital Microwave Oven

This microwave is great for the office, dorm room, or other small space. This 700 WATT Oster microwave has ten adjustable power levels, six auto one touch menus, express cooking, and weight defrost. It also has a digital timer and clock, and removable glass plate. It is 14.1 x 17.8 x 10.3 inches and weighs only 26 pounds.

The microwave also has ten adjustable power levels so you can get more or less power when you are cooking. The weight defrost allows easy defrost by putting in the weight of the frozen food and pushing start. It has the six one touch features that lets you cook a potato, popcorn, pizza, beverage, frozen dinner, and a reheat mode, with the touch of one button. The glass turn table cooks food evenly, and comes out for easy cleaning. Even though this microwave is small, with it having 700 WATTS, it easily does the job of a regular size microwave.

I hope you found the information you needed in Oster microwave reviews. You might also like to check out Dirt Devil steam mop reviews and best single cup coffee maker reviews.


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