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Outdoor Ashtrays

Updated on December 5, 2010

Keep Your Yard Free From Butts

Having an ashtray made especially for the outdoor will get rid of the ashes on your deck and cigarette butts on your lawn and in your garden and driveway and sidewalk and anywhere where smokers gather.

Outdoor Windproof Ashtrays

There are not only beautiful and ornate outdoor ashtrays, but they are also functional with windproof features that won't have your ashes blowing around and features such as snubbing out your cigarette butts in a self contained manner.

You will be able to have a clean and safe "smoking area" where smokers gather, not only for you but your guests as well.

Having a safe way to discard your cigarette butts will also set your mind at rest about any fires from cigarette butts due to dry conditions.


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