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5 Popular Reasons For Outdoor Decorations- Outdoor Decorations and Decor Ideas

Updated on October 11, 2013
Intown Ace Hardware
Intown Ace Hardware | Source
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Outdoor Yard Decorations

Decorating your yard can become a very time consuming event. I suggest coming up with a theme that you can add onto and embellish during the seasons. I have seen wonderful yard decorating idea's that made me feel as if I were in a far away land.

You can go beyond the norm of just having your patio, stepping stones, sensor lights and let's not forget the frogs and dwarfs! Although statues and fixtures make your yard come to life, you may want to think out of the box to turn your yard into a destination.

I was fortunate to run into a woman (Meg) at the local hardware store in Georgia called "Intown Ace Hardware" that made outdoor decor come to life for me. As I walked through the outdoor stone statues I felt as if I was being transported into a different time with the stone creations.

I can now justify buying stone statues and fountains to make outdoor a living experience.

Intown Ace Hardware
Intown Ace Hardware | Source
Darlene Matthews:Photographer
Darlene Matthews:Photographer | Source

Backyard Decoration Ideas and Revelation

As I walked around the outdoor decorations and imagined being in a mystical land where the trees came alive and the cherubs my friendly nonspeaking guest began to smile at me. I no longer was shopping for the right patio accessory bargains but was in another land which felt me with wonderful ideas.

The salesperson went on and on about the possibilities and never suspected that I was in another world. She was my muse and she surely expanded my vision to how I would transform my yard. Does this happen to everyone when inspired? I don't know but this salesperson was friendly and helpful which made this inspiring tale possible.

My advice when decorating outdoors will be to include a theme that will truly make your yard decoration take your guest and yours breath away at the very least be a place to inspire, relax and enjoy life.

Best Reasons For Outdoor Decorations

I just want to get out the obvious reasons for outdoor decorations. These are tried and true reasons that make many companies a lot of money. But just imagine the designs on this page being complimented with the seasonal decors. Astonishing and very memorable.

5 Popular Reasons For Outdoor Decorations

  1. Halloween
  2. Christmas
  3. Easter
  4. Birthday Parties
  5. Weddings

Now imagine adding the comforts of life to your design such as your patio furnishing, lamps and other artifacts to complete your outdoor experience.

Ways to Enhance Your Outside Decor

  1. hammocks
  2. ponds
  3. tree art
  4. decorated/colored benches
  5. swings
  6. treehouse
  7. fountains
  8. walking stones

The best reason to me for outdoor decorations and decor is to enhance your outdoor experience at your own home. If you truly enjoy your outdoor space you can forge a stronger bond with your family and you will save money by staying home. No worries you will have your guest trying to come over, but don't forget to tell them to bring a dish in the warmer months:)

I was truly impressed and urge anyone in the Georgia area shopping for their outdoor decorations or just a great escape to visit the Intown Ace Hardware Store in Decatur and ask for Meg or Val.

Photographer: Darlene Matthews
Photographer: Darlene Matthews | Source
Photographer: Darlene Matthews
Photographer: Darlene Matthews | Source


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