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Buying Guide: 100 ft Outdoor Extension Cord

Updated on September 22, 2015

Buying The Best 100 Ft 16 Gauge Extension Cord

Without doubt a good outdoor extension cord is a must have for any household. From gardening, to some small indoor or outdoor repairing at home, or some DIY projects, whatever the job is, to get them done quickly and easily we usually use a wide variety of electric tools, like drill, screwdriver, sander, lawnmower, snow blower, leaf blower, tiller, you name it.

In fact, setting up a fountain, or decorating some lights outdoor for Christmas or any other occasion, everywhere the primary requirement is the electric energy.

And an extension cord provides outstanding flexibility. It’s like moving around the outdoor with an electric outlet. They are always ready to serve, when and where we need it most. Putting it in other words, it is good to have an extension cord at home.

But, what if I use indoor extension cord for these outdoor jobs? They say an indoor extension cord is not safe to use at outdoor. Because they aren’t meant for that, they are made for to use in indoor. In fact, when indoor extension cords exposed to the elements of outdoor they can become a fire hazard and also result in electric shock.

However, outdoor extension cords are not so expensive. So why would you take the risks when you can buy a good cheap extension cord for outdoor use?

Outdoor cords are more insulated, protected, and grounded. Plus they are more durable and can carry a heavier load than the interior cord.

Though there are several outdoor cords are available, but the question is, which one is good, in fact the best for multipurpose outdoor use, plus not insanely expensive.

My extensive research finally led me to Coleman 100 ft 16/3 vinyl outdoor extension cord. Let’s check out the features of this outdoor extension cord.

Features Of Coleman 100 Feet Outdoor Extension Cable

Outdoor extension cords are made for outdoor use, and they are utterly different than indoor extension cords.

All images courtesy of Amazon
All images courtesy of Amazon

This Is Made For Outdoor Use

The Coleman 100 ft extension cable is made for outdoor use. They resist moisture, abrasion and prolonged exposure to sunlight. In fact, they have molded water resistant connectors with reinforced blades.

As result, they are resistant to any weather, from snow, water, to harsh sunlight.

Easy To Move And Easy To Winding And Unwinding

They are made of a softer vinyl material so winding and unwinding is very easy. Plus, they are not very heavy, so very easy to move around.

Great Price For A Light-Duty Outdoor Extension Cord

Before buying an extension cord, you need to determine what appliance or tools you will use. All appliances indicated how much wattage they consume when operated. Often you can find this detail within the user’s manual that comes with that appliance.

Though, some other appliances indicate power uses in amps rather than watts. If you would like to find out how much watts it consume when operated. You just need to do a very simple math to find that out.

For example, if your appliance indicates that it uses 5 amps at 125 volts, then its wattage rating is 625W, that is 5X125 equals 625.

And this extension cord is 16-gauge with 3 wire conductors, rated at 10 amps at 125 volts. So this cord is suitable for appliances whose wattage rating is within 1250 watts (10x125).

Though this extension cord is available in 4 lengths and they are 100 ft, 50 ft, 25 ft, and 15 ft.

They all are 16-gauge with 3 wire conductors, but the 50 ft, 25 ft, and 15 ft cords are rated 13 amps at 125 volts, that is 1625 watts. But connecting two 50 feet cords together won’t carry 13 amps at 100 ft. Because the inherent resistance in copper cable increases with length, this why the 50 ft cord handles 13 amps and 100 ft cord can safely handle 10 amps.

So if you need 13 amps at 100 feet then buy 14-gauge with 3-conductors extension cord. Or if you need 15 amps at 100 ft then buy 16-gauge with 3-conductors extension cord.

What Others Are Saying About This 100 Foot Outdoor Extension Cord?

I found that this is the best selling product in its category on Amazon. And it receives most positive reviews from its customers. In fact it scores an average 4.5 out 5 from more than 500 customer reviews.

Some of the comments of its customers to date are:

"The extension is a great product. I did not have any problems using this item. I would highly recommend using this extension to do any outdoor work."

"I bought this for the electric lawn mower I purchased. So far works great. Not much else to say about an extension cord."

"Sturdy extension cord"

"I'm very pleased with my Coleman Outdoor Extension Cable. I've purchased a couple, and use them outside in my backyard to connect lights, outdoor appliances, and the like. I have no complaints. The cord has been working perfectly all summer without incident"

Where Can You Buy The Coleman 100 Foot Outdoor Extension Cord?

You can buy this 100 ft outdoor extension cord from Amazon. After reviewing many online merchants, what I can tell you that currently Amazon does have the best deal.

Click the below to check out more details about this 100 ft outdoor extension cord on Amazon

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