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Outdoor Garden Decorations-Ideas

Updated on June 3, 2013

Gardens would be the first step to spruce up your house. But there emerges a strong necessity to decorate the garden to make it seem to be more grand and eye-catching. Therefore we need something that would meet our needs. Candle holders, outdoor candle lanterns, wind chimes, bird house and lawn statues will simply do the job of garden decoration.

Asian Style Candle Holder
Asian Style Candle Holder
Tealight Candle Holder
Tealight Candle Holder
Hanging Candle Holder
Hanging Candle Holder

Candle holders

Candle holders are one of the feature that can beautifies your garden. They particularly help adorning a garden especially at nighttime. Although electric lights will do the job completely these kind of candles possess an embellishing glow. Candles provide a simple start in creating a pleasant atmosphere and excellent decorating style. There are various kinds of candle holders such as the Asian style candle holders, Tealight Candle holders, Hanging Candle holders as well as Wrought Iron Candle holders.

Asian style candle holders

The Asian type holders can be used as decoration in a family garden. These kind of candles are able to infuse your garden with peace and beauty, as Asian décor emphasize mostly on nature and spiritual awareness. Most of these candle holders are printed or engraved with Asian lettering.

Tealight Candle holders

Tealight is probably the most basic types of candles. Nevertheless, when it is put together with a specific candle holder, it will change right into a multidimensional piece of design. Tealight candles can be used at indoor and outdoor. The tealight candles possess a practical design and are inexpensive which can be afforded by everyone.

Candle holders for outdoors use ought to be more robust compare to the candle holders which are designed for indoor use. Lanterns, thick glass or natural materials like wood are perfect for outdoor use. Tealights are light. Therefore, it's necessary that the candle holder should be weighty enough to avoid the candle get blown over easily.

Hanging Candle holders

Hanging candle holders are a particularly pretty option as it could make your garden look cozy even you did not light the candles. There are many kinds of hanging candle holders and one of them has votive holders so that you can hang from a tree.

Outdoor Candle Lantern
Outdoor Candle Lantern

Outdoor candle lanterns

Outdoor candle lanterns can be both practical and attractive when used properly. Decorative candle lanterns and holders provide spectacular outdoor illumination.

Almost all lanterns are made to hang from gutters, tree twigs, or table umbrellas. Quite a few producers also offer wall-mounted candle holder sconces or hangers as well as multi-hook stands. Hanging setups can be easy to work well with various lantern designs, or they can be themed to produce a better decorative accent when coupled with suitable lanterns.

Solar Powered Light Show Wind Chime
Solar Powered Light Show Wind Chime

Wind chimes

Wind chimes always furnish the garden chicly. Chimes produce inharmonic music every time they move along in the breeze.

Wind chimes are a versatile and eye-catching addition to any garden. They offer you year-round enjoyment with minimal maintenance. Some of the wind chimes are designed to compliment the colors of the environment and match any themed décor well such as chime in classic black or in timeless silver.

Wind chimes offer stress-free background music that adds ease and comfort to your garden. The music that produced by wind chime is pleasing and well-blended. This will definitely soothe one's body and spirit.


Hand-Painted Bird House
Hand-Painted Bird House

Bird House

Those who seem to care about their local environment will build some bird houses to attract local avian wildlife.

A bird house is a rest place for birds. This is a simple addition to your garden. Bird homes are usually made of wood. The birds can be attracted to the bird homes by keeping the bird feeders close to the bird house and also some fresh water provided near it. It definitely would be a bliss to watch the birds singing which would spruce up the garden even more.

You can also embellish these plain wooden bird houses to compliment with your outdoor décor. You can embellish your bird house into various kind of bird houses such as Hand-Painted Bird House, Mosaic Bird House and Copper Bird House. It is possible to decorate a bird house with hand-painted designs. Stencils and templates will be an ideal option to create decorative images. First and foremost, paint the bird home a background color. Exterior spray paint works for the bird house background while acrylics work nicely for the hand-painted designs. Complete the bird house using a coat of exterior polyurethane to preserve the painted images for a longer time.

How To Build A Bird House

Lawn Statues

Lawn statues are made of various materials and styles such as cast stone, ceramic and lead. There are religious, animal, and Angel statues. Garden statues will reflect your personality. You can decorate the lawn with various lawn statues according to your imagination.


There are some important things you need to consider. The first thing you need to consider is the location of the lawn statue. Secondly, avoid of using too many ornaments because it will create a sense of mess instead of beauty. And always remember to use the garden statues that you prefer to reflect your individual taste. Most of the sculptures are not frost proof and can't withstand the cold environment and may crack. Brass will tarnish after some time yet a lot of people like that look. Before making any purchase ensure that the growing plants will not hide them and make sure that the statues will not shade and kill the plants. Lastly, make sure that the lawn statues that you used match with the theme of your garden.

happy decorating your garden
happy decorating your garden


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I liked all the ideas for the garden. I love gardens anyway...whether they be vegetables or flowers. Great hub! Thanks for sharing. :D

    • crystolite profile image


      8 years ago from Houston TX

      Nice hub,thanks

    • zinyee profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      ya. finally~~~

    • sunday_morning profile image


      8 years ago from Malaysia

      nice hub :-) ... ooo, finish 10 hubs already


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