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Outdoor Lamps

Updated on May 21, 2010

There are many reasons to be looking into buying outdoor lamps. Whether you would like some added security around your house, or weather you would just like to be able to show off your nicely decorated garden or patio during the night time when hanging out with friends, an outdoor lamp can definitely be a nice addition that not only provides enough light for your purposes, but also be a nice decoration as well.

I am going to introduce you to a few different outdoor lamp types, and you'll be able to find out which one you think will be able to work out best for what you need.  The key is to evaluate what you need, or what you think you need, and then go from there.  Each type of lamp serves a different purpose.

Types of Outdoor Lamps

There are many different reasons that people want to put up a lamp, and those varying reasons are what will determine what type of lamp will be best for you, and where you will be putting your outdoor lamp. Will it be an outdoor table lamp or an outdoor lamp post? Or, will it be the type of lamp that is mounted on a wall.

Here are a few of the different types and kinds of lamps for you to consider:

  • Outdoor Table Lamps - These types of lamps are great put the patio or the deck. Since they will be close to the house, you won't have to run electrical wiring or an extension cord across the lawn. Just proper them up next on a table that is near where you'll be sitting or laying down, and you'll have some nice additional light for you to read with.
  • Outdoor Lamp Posts - Lamp posts are great for giving an older style feeling to the yard.  You can put one or a few in your back yard around the garden giving you that additional lighting so that you can enjoy your garden, even at night.  They are also a great decoration piece that is functional too.  You may also consider putting one in the front yard to either light up your front lawn, or just as additional decoration for all of the traffic driving by to see.  Another name for these types of posts is outdoor floor lamps.
  • Wall Mounted Lamps - A lot of people like to put a lamp on their front porch to allow visitors who are arriving to be able to feel more comfortable, as well as possibly see the house numbers that are posted on the wall.  You know the feeling of trying to find a house and barely being able to see the house numbers.  By mounting an outdoor lamp on the wall, you'll be able to add some style to your house, as well as provide additional lighting for functionality, as well as security.
  • Motion Sensor Lamps - These types of lamps are all about security.  If there is lights on, inside or out, a robber or a burglar is less likely to attack that house.  By providing motion sensor lights, it allows lights to come on whenever it detects any kind of motion.  This is great for saving some energy since it doesn't need to stay on all of the time.  It is also nice for you and your guests when they are walking up to the house.

Obviously there are many other kinds of lamps to suit many different needs, but these are definitely a good start that allow you to get a much better idea about what is available while you are searching for the perfect lamps to put outdoors in your front or back yard.

Choosing Outdoor Solar Lights

Another type of light or outdoor lamp, is a solar powered light.  The reason that I didn't include it in the above list is because the kinds in the above list can all be made to run on solar power.  That is right... whether you get a table lamp, a mounted lamp, a lamp post, and even motion sensor lamps, you can buy models that run on solar power.  You just have to make sure that the lamp is positioned in a way that it can receive sunlight during the day.

Outdoor Heat Lamps

If you live somewhere that gets really cold in the winter, or even if it doesn't get extremely cold but you'd like to spend time outdoors in the winter, then I would consider getting an outdoor heat lamp.  These types of lamps usually run on propane, and can provide constant heat.  Most of them are build with a cone shaped top, to allow the heat to radiate down towards where you will be sitting.  This provides a great alternative to a fire pit because it noes not require you to dig up your back yard, nor does it require you to spent time to light a fire and keep it going.  You get continued heat.


There's many different types of lamps, including specialty lamps like sold-powered models as well as models that provide heat.  Each person's style, needs, and budget are different, so definitely find the lamp for outdoors that works for you.


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