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Outdoor Lighting For Security And Safety With No Electricity

Updated on April 3, 2012

Deciding On Location Of Lights

As I moved into my new home, I looked for areas at night that could use some additional lighting. My problem is, that there is no electricity near the locations I wanted this additional lighting. At my previous home, I also had the same problem, but it was an older house, so running power to other areas wasn't so much of an issue.

Basically, I wanted battery powered and LED lighting that was weather resistant and reliable.

The locations, were around the faucet, doorways, side of house, around the shed and other areas where I thought someone or I would pass through during the evening. You could find locations all around the home that could use some additional lighting for safety and just convenience.

I use these lights every day, and I love them. When I'm watering the flowers in the evening time, it's nice when the lights kick on, and I don't have to go back inside to turn on a flood light. Or when I get home late, and the front door light is not on, it's nice when the Mr.Beam lights up the entire door, and I can locate my key so easy.

Product Recommendations

This was the first product that I purchased, Maxsa 40230 Motion-Activated. It's a great light to have. You can pretty much mount it in any position and any where. It puts off plenty of light. They run off of 4 C batteries.

The second product that I purchased, Mr Beams MB360. It's another great product. I used these on the front and sides of my shed. They put off a little more light, and run off of 3 D batteries.

The third product that I purchased, Mr. Beams MB 530. These are normally used for stairway lights. I placed these inside the shed in various locations to help me get around in the dark, because there is no electricity in the shed at this point. These lights are small and portable. They put off good lighting, and work well. They run off of 3 C batteries.

All three lights are great. The prices are very affordable also. I would recommend these lights to any one.


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