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Ideas for Outdoor Patio Living Spaces

Updated on December 12, 2019

Transform a Patio

Whether planning a new patio or upgrading an existing one, one thing many people may not think about is privacy. A properly planned patio can make the perfect at home, outdoor getaway. If the patio is in a location that has a view of the road, sidewalk, or other houses, it's not very private. There are various types of enclosure choices available.

Patios that have partial privacy on one or more sides can be left open or can have less dense covered boundaries. Stand on the patio or patio site and look around to get an idea of where more privacy needs to be established. Privacy fences, hedges, trees, or pergolas all make nice boundaries around this peaceful outdoor room.

Wood or vinyl lattice panels can be used as is or can have climbing roses or flowering vines growing and intertwining into the lattice. Not only do these "walls" provide privacy, they can also block unsightly views such as: air-conditioning equipment, garbage cans, or the neighbor's back yard. Remember that the closer to the unsightly object the barrier is placed, the better it it will be hid. Patios that are in a secluded area or backyard, open barriers such as wrought iron fencing, lattice, or picket fencing may be all that is needed to define this outdoor leisure area.

Patios can serve multiple purposes such as a place for large family gatherings, a reading or sunbathing area, child's play area. It can be made into an outdoor room with a television, fireplace, and all the furnishings. Patios with hot tubs or pools will need to be enclosed in a higher, tighter enclosed fence for privacy as well as safety. Another idea for a high windbreak could be dense, evergreen trees grown in the section needed.

Even though patios are outdoor spaces, by defining them with an actual physical structure they become more "homey". If planning to build or transform a patio into a true outdoor living space, be sure to separate any rooms such as a living room and an outdoor kitchen. Good items to put in place as room dividers could be 3 foot high brick or rock wall sections, low hedges, flower beds, large potted plants, and benches or raised planters.

The overhead can have partial shade in areas such as a reading area. A pergola, canopy, or arbor can serve the purpose of creating this quiet area to relax with some leisure time. Don't overwhelm this space with too many barriers, fences, or overheads, otherwise it will seem dark and gloomy. Creating an outdoor space according to personal and family preferences can provide hours of enjoyment.


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    • Cathi Sutton profile image

      Cathi Sutton 

      10 years ago

      Very nice Hub with great visuals! Loved the video!


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