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Over 7 Centuries Of Tradition & Artistic Heritage In Each Murano Vase

Updated on March 20, 2011

The Murano Vase Can Only Originate From The Venetian Lagoon

 The point of origin of the astoundingly beautiful Murano vase is a diminutive island in the midst of the Venetian lagoon known as Murano: this isle has been famous around the world for many centuries for the quality and beauty of its glass making, and the historical tradition and aesthetic perfection of the magnificent Murano vase. Originally from Venice itself, these glass and vase makers were so widespread within the city that the rulers of Venice felt the fierce fires used to heat the glass were hazardous to the safety of the urban area and its people... thus they banished them to one of several islands outside the city! This was the beginning of the illustrious heritage of the Murano vase!

It may be only for dry flowers (as it won't hold any water) but it is an absolutely stunning work of art!
It may be only for dry flowers (as it won't hold any water) but it is an absolutely stunning work of art!

A Murano Vase Can Be Made In The Historic Or Modern Style

 Murano vases are just one type of glass decoration produced in this city, a collection which encompasses every imaginable object that can conceivably be made from blown glass. The Murano vases come in many styles and colors ranging from solids to combinations that are nothing short of stunning. A Murano vase is sophisticated, eyecatching and elegant! These vases are just the perfect opulent and luxurious artistic showcase for a beautiful arrangement of flowers that can be placed in your home or even at the workplace.

The style of a Murano vase can range from the traditional Italian design to some of the most wonderful swirls with modern simplicity. Every single Murano vase is a stunning piece of art that looks fantastic on its own but can also serve a practical purpose. If you are someone who truly appreciates the art and style of Murano glass, you can even purchase Murano glass flowers to put in your Murano vase!

This may not be a vase, but it's Murano artistry at its zenith!
This may not be a vase, but it's Murano artistry at its zenith!

The Murano Vase Is The Greatest Artistic Glory Of The Middle Ages

Of course Murano is not the only manufacturer of the fine glass vase as you can obtain a crystal vase from Waterford, Wedgewood, or Baccarat which can certainly somewhat approach the Venetian islanders' products for sheer artistry in their own specific styles and types. When you're seeking the best in your next flower vase, you certainly have a wide selection of extremely high quality types to choose from!

Murano vases have been handcrafted for centuries, and many can be priceless: The various forms of vintage Murano vase (especially the classic antique red Murano vase) can be extremely treasured and precious. Murano glass vases have been created on that marvelous Venetian island since the thirteenth century and the Murano vase art glass is one of the greatest accomplishments of the Middle Ages. The Murano glass vase, or the Murano vase with any of the many magnificent additions such as the millefiori glass coloration, cannot be considered anything but a fine work of art. A Murano vase in your home or office speaks volumes as to your taste and sophistication!

A typical Millefiori Murano Vase
A typical Millefiori Murano Vase

Watch Your Murano Vase Being Hand Blown!

 If you are ever able to visit Venice, you can easily reach the Murano island by water taxi in order to see the special glassblowers' show. You may also want to visit the glass museum to learn the entire history of Murano glass making, as well as the techniques used by their artists. A Murano vase can be a wonderful memento to take home! But beware... they are extremely fragile and many do not survive the rough handling of the transatlantic airline luggage jockeys!

A Glass Vase Demonstration In Murano!

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    • Hal Licino profile imageAUTHOR

      Hal Licino 

      9 years ago from Toronto

      It really is something to watch those artisans at work and then be able to take home what they've created. It's totally stunning! :)

    • Jerilee Wei profile image

      Jerilee Wei 

      9 years ago from United States

      My most treasured part of our vacation to Italy is the Murano Vase and Plate we hand carried back that reminds us of wonderful times, including watching them being made.


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