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Over Toilet Storage Cabinets - Make Space with Over the Commode Shelves

Updated on February 12, 2018

Solving Storage Space in your Bathroom

We all have at least one bathroom that has a storage space problem. With today's push towards smaller baths, while many homes have more bathrooms, we often find that there is not enough space for the bathroom linens or simple toiletry items like tissue or soap dispensers.

Some small baths do take advantage of the vanity to create some storage space, with a small set of cabinets under the basin. But one of the hallmarks of many contemporary designs is to have a simple standalone basin with no storage space underneath. This leaves many bathrooms with no built in storage at all.

If you have the floor space, you can take advantage of a corner linen cabinet, or a tall linen tower that will give a fair amount of space yet takes up very little floor space.

If you haven't got room for a linen cabinet you can add wall mounted cabinets over the commode, which takes up no floor space, but can be quite a construction project. If you are renting, or if you need this space in a temporary housing situation like a college dorm, you will not want to be investing the time and effort to install these relatively expensive cabinets. But in a dorm you will often have a suite setup, that has a bathroom that is shared among a smaller number of rooms, so there are some possibilities.

Spacesaver Solution - No Footprint

One very inexpensive solution is to place a stand-up shelf that straddles the commode or toilet. This creates storage and takes up virtually no floor space, as the commode is already occupying that space. You can find them in a simple metal and chrome finish, with open shelves and the look is fairly unobtrusive. There are others that cover the whole range of options for furnishing a bathroom - enclosed shelves with French doors, antique country finishes, and fine cherry wood are all available.

The most popular brand of these goes by the trademark Spacesaver, but you can find them in other makes as well. These over the toilet storage shelves work well in a temporary housing situations like college dorms or rental houses, but the offerings also include fine furniture that can match the bathroom décor of almost any home.


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    • profile image

      Over Toilet Storage 7 years ago

      Great topic indeed. Such a great space saver for those of us with smaller bathrooms. Thanks for the hub!

    • profile image

      Marcy 8 years ago

      I recently just installed one of these in my small guest bathroom. What a huge difference! I was able to gain the storage space I needed. Great topic.

    • alekhouse profile image

      Nancy Hinchliff 8 years ago from Essex Junction, Vermont

      What great ideas, John. Thanks.