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Oversized Duvet Covers

Updated on January 27, 2011

Welcome to yet another hub—this time for information and deals on oversized or king-sized duvet covers. In here we shall feature only the plushest duvet covers, comforters, and blankets for large beds. Read on to see interesting deals and read more information pertinent to shopping.

What exactly is a duvet?

A duvet is a type of bed covering. The word is the exact French word for “down,” so basically, an oversized duvet cover is an oversized down cover or comforter. Down is a type of feather; duvets originally came from Europe where they used to fill their covers with real down feathers, usually taken from the eider duck, which provides good insulation and warmth. To date, real down comforters are still common in northern Europe.

Modern duvets

While real feather-duvets are still available, most down comforters these days use modern and more efficient materials such as polyester and microfiber. Synthetic and natural fibers are also combined. Modern materials provide better insulation and are easier to maintain—washing real feathers can be a pain. Still, we will feature authentic down feather-covers from our featured products list below.

Getting covers for your bed

You already made an excellent choice by getting a king or oversized bed. Obviously, the next step is to dress it up with nice covers. Covers are the first to be seen so they also serve an aesthetic purpose. Of course, they protect your bed and warm you up, which is its main purpose. Whether you’re getting extra covers or your very first, it is important to get those that are of top quality. Getting covers is not a regular thing. A permanent bed can only have as much as 3 to 4 covers, used in rotation, in its lifetime. Make sure the designs fit the theme of your room and your house.

King size covers fall within the 90 inches to 100 inches range—standard king or California king. For comparison, a queen cover measures 86 by 86 inches. The standard king mattress measures 80 by 76 inches; the California king measures 84 by 72 inches. Yes I know these are all hard to memorize by heart but do remember that a real standard king cover will fit either king bed. Only the extra part, which you will tuck in anyway, will vary.

Also bear in mind how your cover is made. Most modern thick comforters are one-sided. If you need extreme protection from cold weather, it is better to get one of these. The part that touches your body is usually made from a different and softer material. This side is also different in color and has no design. With this you save more especially if the top design is intricate.

Take a look at some oversized duvet covers below.


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