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Owners of Electric Lawn Mowers Can Skip the Repair Shop and Fix Them at Home

Updated on May 19, 2011

Eventually, any equipment you own will need to be repaired, and your electric lawn mower is no exception. The challenge with an electric mower is that repair shops are generally much more knowledgeable about the gas variety, and your electric mower is likely to have different problems than the mowers they usually see. You may be able to avoid getting the run-around at a repair shop if you know how to handle the most common problems of electric lawn mowers yourself.

Overheating is a common problem. Grass clippings and other debris get caught in the air vents of your mower over time, and prevent air from circulating to vent the engine. The mower overheats and shuts down. Clearing the debris should correct the problem. Remove the air vent casing to clean. If this is not possible, an air compressor can be used to blow the debris free.

Sometimes, motors on electric lawn mowers will not start. The usual culprit is a connection problem. First, check that your power outlet has enough power to run the mower. Then, if your mower has a power cord, check to see if the cord is properly plugged in at both ends. There are other electrical connections that you may be able to access in your mower, but be sure to wear insulated gloves for your protection! Unplug any connections, and plug them back in to ensure that they are tight. Look for frayed wires, dirt or corrosion. If corrosion is present, than you will need to replace the part.

Electric lawn mowers sometimes stop halfway through cutting or slow down. Chances are that there is too much grass accumulated on the underside of the mower. This causes the mower to have to work harder, and the power shuts off. Unplug the machine or remove the safety key and clean out the deck. Then be sure to reset the breaker and try it again.

If the deck is clear of grass clippings, check for loose connections caused by vibrations from the running motor. Again, unplug the mower or remove the safety key, and then check the connections. If the problem is recurring, then you can secure the problem connection with electrical tape.


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    • profile image

      Candie L 5 months ago

      My mower will charge, but aside from the lights, nothing happens

    • profile image

      kathy fox 17 months ago

      My orange starter handle fell off. Can I fix it

    • profile image

      p.guest 17 months ago

      change the starting capacitor

    • profile image

      Ben Naicker 23 months ago

      My lawn mower is just making a mmmmmm sound but notistarting up. I even tried to spin the blades by hand.The blade turns but wont startup. What can be wrong.