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Recipe to Clean Your Microfiber Couch at Home Like a Pro

Updated on March 4, 2018

Save hundreds of dollars by cleaning your own couch.

Microfiber couches are extremely durable and easy to clean. We have a process here at our company that we have found to be very affordable and easy for almost anyone to do at home. By cleaning your couch yourself you could save hundreds of dollars and get the same results as a professional cleaning company.

The video below details the steps on cleaning a microfiber sofa using an Oxi-Clean mix and a hand wand upholstery tool. I have included step by step instructions below to correspond to the video with additional tips and pointers. This process was developed by a used furniture cleaning company. The video below shows the process in action.

How to clean a microfiber couch

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Step by step instructions

  1. Mix Half a scoop of powdered Oxiclean with 2-3 Gallons of water. (Hot water works best)
  2. Spray or wipe the Oxiclean and water mixture onto the entire couch. Be sure to get all the microfiber surface areas wet to avoid water "marks/stains" when drying. Tip: Using a pressurized pump sprayer can really speed up the process.
  3. Let the solution sit on the surface of the microfiber for appoximately 5 to 10 minutes. This will allow the Oxiclean to initially break down the dirt/grease/grime, etc...
  4. With a medium bristle brush, scrub the entire surface of the couch. This will work the Oxiclean solution into the fibers and further break down the "dirty" areas. Tip: Heavily soiled areas may need a little extra "elbow grease"
  5. Additional Oxiclean and scrubbing may be necessary for those really dirty spots. (Armrests and headrests tend to have more body oils worked into the fabric so they may need a little extra attention) TIP: Sometimes a pre-treatment spray (folex works well) or even a more concentrated Oxi-Clean mix is necessary.
  6. Once the couch is visibly clean, you will need to extract and rinse out all the soap from the microfiber. A hand upholstery tool with a sprayer is the best for this step in the process. Use only water (hot water is best) in your upholstery machine and go over the surface several times. Tip: You can tell that the soap is rinsed out when the microfiber does not have the "slimy/soapy" texture when you run your fingers over it. ** If you don't have an upholstery cleaner, this step can also be accomplished with a clean rag (use white to avoid color transfer) and a bucket of water. - take the rag and get it damp then run it over the microfiber. Rinse the rag out in the bucket of water and wring it out until damp. Repeat this until all the soap is removed from the microfiber.
  7. Use a dry and clean soft to medium bristle brush and brush the fibers while the couch is still wet. This will help remove the "cleaning lines" from the hand upholstery tool. **This step is not necessary if you did not use a hand upholstery wand.
  8. Allow the couch to air dry. Put a fan or multiple fans in the room to improve airflow and dry time. ** Uneven drying of microfiber can leave water "stains" so make sure there is proper air flow over the couch and between cushions. TIP: Stick something between to cracks to help with air flow in those areas. We use perforated drainage pipe (see video).
  9. Once the microfiber is completely dry. Go over the fabric one more time with a medium bristle brush to renew the softness of the microfiber. Tip: If any stains are missed you can spot clean the surface of the microfiber by using rubbing alcohol and a white rag.


  • 1/2 scoop Oxi-Clean Detergent
  • 2-3 Gallons Water
  • 1 Medium Bristle Brush
  • 1 Bottle Pre-treatment spray (Folex Recommended), *optional
  • 1 bottle Isopropyl Alcohol (70% or higher), *optional

Below are some of the better prices I have found for the items that are used to clean the couches in our production facility here at OC Recycled Furniture. I found that the 5 pound or the 11 pound oxi-clean is the best value. The OXO products are actually really affordable and seem to be decent quality. We use their duster for our showroom as well. As for the Folex, we like that because it does a great job of those tough to get spots and is not overly expensive.

If you have any questions on the process, feel free to leave your questions/comments below.

Folex - for the tough stains


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