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Property Investment and rates In Jaipur

Updated on June 6, 2016

Right Time and Right Place for Property Investment in Jaipur

When you plan to purchase a property for real estate investment, you’ll want to remember that there are 2 methods to make money on the property you have purchased. One is from capital appreciation, where the market price of the property rises, and the other is by renting out your property However, how do you know whether a property is a good investment? Moreover what are the good property investment options in Jaipur. This blog will clear all your doubts in this regard.

Jaipur's proxmity to the capital , and its well connectivity to other parts of the country and world with road, rail and air makes it a hot destination for property investment. Delhi mumbai industrial corridor is a 90 billion dollar mega infrastructure project where Technical and financial help has been taken from Japan. There is a plan to build multi model high excel load dedicated freight corridor. Its 39 percent of the part would be in Rajasthan. By 2013 It is set to have metro rail working which will have 29 stations and is worth 7503 crores INR. It has BRTS or Bus Rapid Transit Service which is unique and one of its kind. It has made the public transportation a pleasureable experience in Jaipur. International Convention center and Golf gourse are also city's pride. In the development phase are Mahindra World city(SEZ) which will be spread over 3000 acres and will have IT parks, industrial zones, LASER zone and residential zone.It has a high profie ring road under construction which is 144.75 kms in length and will have 6 lane excess controlled expressway and 3-3 lanes from other sides for service road.

Tips for property investment in Jaipur:

*Make sure that your property(flat or land) is approved by JDA. Atleast 90b should be there.This is the most important aspect to look into. See that the papers are all clear. When it is the question of your lifetime's earning , you can't afford to take chances.

* Proximity to parks, green areas, open areas, schools, airport, bus stand, railway station, shopping complex is a priority as having them will not only make your life easier in your due stay but would also get you high price when ever you wish to sell or let out on rent.

*If you have few VIP persons staying in your locality, chances are that there would be very few occurences of problems in electicity, drainage, damage or road, street light etc. So if you have property in such a loacality, prices go rocketing.

*Corner and property with Vaastu have always a high priority keeping in mind the fact that Indians arey highly spiritual and have deeply believe in all such. Road width around the house is also a major factor.

*Proabability of future road expansion or buying back of the property by the govt at cheap rates for developmental purposes like broadening of highways with more lanes or opening up more metro station etc. If such is the situation your property rates can come down very steeply.

*Proximity to ring road and the likelihood of metro station would be a boon, I need not tell why.

*For a new development check the developers record.Dont trust the glossy catalogues.Always discuss/show property to the entire family even children. You never know they may point out something which you may have overlooked.Be wise and dont rush in with "special - one day" offers...

* If you plan to sell the property at future date than liquidity of property should be kept in mind. Remember it is always easy to sell a smaller plot of land than a larger one because you have more number of people who are your prospective customers would be much more.

*Have a rough Idea of the developmental schemes of JDA.(Jaipur Development Authority). If schemes are nearby your loacality, you get more money with no effort from your side. Very good example of this would be parks.

*If planning to buy flat or penthouse then look at what real estator has to offer. See the terms and conditions properly for parking area and terrace. There have been many cases of fraud in such aspects where the builder fooled many of the clients. Also look into how much he is asking to pay in cash(black money) how much in DDs and checks (White money) .Hardly any transaction is totally in checks.

*Security, water supply, electricity backup, recreational facilities...resale value. People advertise as 15 minutes from airport where the actual distance being some 15 kms and they assume that we travel at the speed of 60 kms/hr which is not at all feasible. So be cautious of such lucrative advertisements.

*See the loan offering banks, this also gives credibility to the property you plan to invest in.

Given below are the currently going on projects which you can look into. I have provided the details loaclity wise....

Location-Tonk Road(flats)

1.Aastha group koral aastha residensy 550-1370 square feet 1300/- per square feet 9413345764

2.Aastha group aasheesh heights 420-1375 square feet 1700/- per square feet 9413345764

3.Amit colonizers Riya Empire 450-950 square feet 2000/- per square feet 9352544447

4.Anukampa Group Anupkampa residensy 1100-1500 square feet 2400/- per square feet 9214003355

5.Dhanuka Group Sun shine Krishna 1069-1300 square feet 2500/- per square feet 9309215031

6.Guru Shikhar Guru pragya builders 556, 1850 square feeet 1500-1600/- per square feet 9001899855

7.MahaShiv Estate Mahashiva residensy 550-1450 square feet 1800-2000/- per square feet 9887771333

8.Unique Builders Umang 367-1347 square feet 9799997755

Individual House/Villa/Township/Farm House

1.Agrawal Properties Shyam City 100-500 square yard 411/- per square yard 9799999001

2.Agrawal Properties Pink City Nagar 100-500 square yard 1300/- per square yard 9314521808

3.Debok Group Heavens City 100-400 square yard 1825/- per square yard 9352153525

4.DIWAL Indraprashtha Vihar 111-266 square yard 3500/- per square yard 9828528000

5.DIWAL Jaipur extension 111-266 square yard 1400/- per square yard 9828528000

6.Finetech Prime Habitat 200-500 square yard 2700/- per square yard 9352833333

7.G-9 Colonizer Manokamna Global City 111-311 square yard 1800/- per square yard 9314099902

8.Mahashiv Estate Rajiv Nagar 166-1000 square yard 3600/- per square yard 9887771333

9.Manglam Build Developers Kanak Vatika 150-300 square yard 4500/- per square yard 9829044274

10.Mahasihv Estate Mahashiv Enclave 67-1000 square yard 1400/- per square yard 9887771333

11.O.K. Plus Group Vishram Vatik-1 1000-3000 square yd. 1500/- per square yard 9929000011

12.Sanjeevani Build Estate Sanjeevani Paradise 50-500 square yard 1500-1700/- per square yard 9351366616

13.Sanjeevani Build Estate Sanjeevani Greens 50-500 square yard 800/-1000/- per square yard 9351366616

14.Shree Khatushyam Estate Golden City-3 100-500 square yard 1.5-6.5 lakh rupees 9001093337

15.Shree Khatushyam Estate Golden Enclave 100-500 square yard 1.5-7.5 lakh rupees 9001093337

16.Shree Khatushyam Estate Golden Park 100-500 square yard 2-10 lakh rupees 9001093337


1.Aastha Colonizers private limited Aastha Pride 600-1115 square feet 1650/- per square feet 9887201272

2.Aaradhna Buildtech Bhavya Paradise 1266-1340 square feet 1699/- per square feet 9829288113

3.Mahima Group Panorama 1086-2122 square feet on request 9828119192

4.Aaradhna Buildtech Bhavya Joy 1660-1790 square feet 1499 per square feet 9829073498

5. O.K. plus group O.K. plus venus 1000-2000 square feet 1700/- per square feet 9928000081

6.Paradise group saaktik paradise 600-1600 square feet 2150/- per square feet 9983501234

7.Unique Builders Unique Tower 1230-1637 square feet 9928658000

Location-Agra Road(flats)

1.O.K. Plus Group Mehandipur Residency 450 square feet 6,91,000/- 9929488999

Individual House/Villa/Township

1.Amit Colonizers Shyam Sarovar 125-272 square yard 2000-3000 per square yard 9352544447

2.A.R.G Group A.R.G. Puram 52.5-130.33 square yard 12.25-24.25 lakh rupees 9799222555

Location-Ajmer Road(flats)

1.Aastha Group Aastha SEZ view 1425-1600 square feet 1400/- per square feet 9413345764

2.Anukampa Group Hanging Garden 1045-1630 square feet 1750/- per square feet 9928063634

3.Anukampa Group Omega 715-975 square feet 1400/- per square feet 9928063637

4.A.R.G.Group Divine Enclave 630-1522 square feet 1700/- per square feet 9799222555

5.Arihant Builders Arihant Residency 660-1665 square feet 1800/- per square feet 9785013013

6.Arihant Builders Arihant Enclave 1015-2300 square feet 1800/- per square feet 9829713013

7.Mahima Group Desire 786-1303 square feet On Request 9828119192

8.Mahima Group Nirvana 1830-4600 square feet On Request 9828119192

9.Metro polis Metropolis Tower 1500 square feet 2600/- per square feet 9928008059

10.Rameshwari Buildcon Rameshwaram 657-1475 square feet 1650/- per square feet 9829068790

Individual House/Villa/Township/Farmhouse

1.Agrawal Associates(dealer) Mahindra SEZ 50-1200 square yard 2850-6500/- per square yard 9829610077

2.Anukampa Group Celebrity Homes 1630-2100 square feet 1650/- per square feet 9214003392

3.Basera Properties(dealer) Mahindra SEZ 50-1200 square yard 2850-6500/- per square yard 9982053088

4.Manglam Build Developers Aangan The Villa 1400 square feet 25,00,000 INR 9928038069

5.O.K. Plus Group Vishram Vatika-2 1000-3000 square yd 1000/- per square yard 9929000011

6.Shivam Properties(Dealer) Mahindra SEZ 50-1200 square yard 2850-6500/- per square yard 9928030474

Location-Sirsi Road(flats)

1.Anukampa Group Genesis 560-637 square feet 2400/- per square feet 9214003392

2.Desire infra developers Palm wood 1400 square feet 1500/- per square feet 9928008039

3.Joy Bharat Group Royal Green 1098-1445 square feet 20.5-27 lakhs 9950300005

4.Kiran Upasana Rosewood Apartments 9929599980

5.Mangalam Developers Grand Vista 1600 square feet 1700/- per square feet 9928008034

6.O.K.Plus Group O.K.Plus Gokul Dham 500-1500 square feet 1550/- per square feet 9928000081

7.O.K.Plus Group O.K.Plus Green Heights 645-1600 square feet 1700/- per square feet 9928000080

Individual House/Villa

1.Mangalam Build Developers Kanak Vrindavan 150-300 square yard 6000-10000/- per square yard 9928008034

Location-Kalwad Road(Individual House/Villa)

1.Mangalam Township Mangalam City 150-300 square yard 5000-8000/- per square yard 9829044274

2.SukhSagar SukhSagar Enclave 123-355 square yard 4400-4800/- per square yard 9314509301

3.Unique Builders Samanvaya 1650 square feet - -

Loaction-Jaipur City(flats)

1.Athina Athina 2000-2750 square ft. 4500/- per square feet 9829014471

2.Ishamisha Group Prime Paradise 1100-1600 square ft. 4600/- per square feet 9829078297

3.Mahima Group Iris 1137-2281 square ft. On request 9828119192

4.Mahima Group Elite 1233-3676 square ft. On request 9828119192

5.Neel Kanth Constructions South End Homes 1000-1800 square ft. 1800/- per square feet 9929091221

6.O.K.Plus Group O.K.Plus Empress 2300 square ft. On request 9929000011

7.Siddha Housing Pvt. Ltd. Siddha Regal 1275-1690 square ft. 3400/- per square feet 9929110110

8.Unique Builders Shaurdool 509-745 square feet 9799997753

9.Unique Builders Arawali 1734-1914 square ft. 9799997753

Individual House/Villa/Shop

1.Naresh Parwani(Dealer) Triton Mall Mini Shops 9829056121

Location-Sikar Road(flats)

1.Anukampa Group Royal Sapphire 480-600 square feet 1720/-per square feet 9928063637

Individual House/Villa

1.Manglam Build Developers Manglam Vihar 150-300 square yard 3500-4000/- per square yard 9928008035

In case of any query or are encouraged to post them here and they will be duly answered.

© 2011 Kunal Rahar


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    • profile image

      Kiranpal 16 months ago

      I have Residential Plots for sale

      Govt. Approved & Immediate Registry.


    • profile image

      Ravinder kumar 2 years ago

      I am invest in proparty vidhadharnagar

    • profile image

      Monika 2 years ago

      Your blog, though extremely informative, doesn't throw light upon the apartments coming up in Shivdaspura and Beelwa. Is Rs 2600/sq ft an appropriate cost in that area and what will the resale value of the flats there? TIA.

    • profile image

      Gourav singh 2 years ago

      I want sale my 1bhk Ews flat jda scheme in SIĎDHA AASHREY AJMER ROAD Near Mahindra World city SEZ JDA PATTA COMPLITE GOOD INVESTMENT

      700000 ONLY

      MY MOBILE NO.07737552000

    • profile image

      Anand Soni 2 years ago

      I want know how can i know that which plot is JDA Approved and what the acutal rate of Manglam 's Kanak Vatika D Block

    • profile image

      Badri rav 3 years ago

      Jamwaramghar main road pr 10×20 ki dukan 60'90'100'150'500 gaj k plot bikau jamwai anger 2 m contect Badri rav 9785742166

    • profile image

      Ranjeet singh 3 years ago

      I want to buy plot on ajmeri road what are the rate

    • profile image

      Aayush Patni 3 years ago

      I want to sell my own residential plots near Jaipur Airport. Interested can call on 09352496096. For URGENT SALE.

    • profile image

      Johng31 3 years ago

      I'm glad that it turned out so effectively and I hope it will continue in the future because it is so worthwhile and meaningful to the community. kaefedkfcgdd

    • profile image

      anil 3 years ago

      Mahima desire project is good for investment & what are the rates there I am getting in resale.

    • profile image

      ARVIND KUMAR 3 years ago

      is sikar road rajawas village is good option for investment in plot? please suggest any other best location to invest in plot at outskirts of jaipur at arvind

    • profile image

      .shameem jawed. 3 years ago

      I.shameem jawed.want 5000 sqyrd cheap land near shakun stn

    • profile image

      jyoti 3 years ago

      Jaipur is the hub of property investor because there are a lot of hopes to develops.


    • profile image

      Shaj 3 years ago

      Does the Joy Bharat Group Royal Green are approved by JDA, if not then how can such mega project venturing into phase I and phase II not been approved. Kindly the blogger reply with informations

    • profile image

      raj singh 3 years ago

      Hi am planning to purchase 3BHK in Jagatpura Jaipur, could you please tell me how much I have to invest in JDA approved appartment or what is rate of plot per sq yard, as well i need trustworthy developers contact no. Who deals in pure genuine plots and flat.

    • profile image

      sonia 4 years ago

      I saw an amazing website where you can get brockage free properties means u can save a lot money by using this website. is provide you facility of brockage free property in all over india.realy its a amazing website. Its a fastest property showing website.

    • profile image

      ashish 4 years ago

      want to know the prospects of the Rajasthan Housing Board scheme in jagatpura Indira nagar

    • profile image

      uttam tripathi 4 years ago

      i plan to buy a plot. Budget 15 lakh for building a house post retirement i.e. 10 years from now. Have seen two options. Balad road and indi city on ajmer road. Kindly give advice. Can also use some new options.

    • profile image

      propertyserach 4 years ago

      Please provide details regarding JDA Approved plotted or colonies for investment 3-5 years? drop me email at

    • profile image

      Shalini Gupta 4 years ago


      Jaipur Mega Tourism City’ is promoted by International Amusement Limited (IAL) Appu Ghar.

      Spread over 300 acres, ‘Jaipur Mega Tourism City’ is being designed to offer 2-3 days recreational retreat offering various entertainment and recreation avenues viz. amusement park, water park, golf course, golf course facing Villas, etc.

      Located in serene environment at the foothills of Aravali range and National Highway 8 passes through the property making it easily reachable from both Jaipur and Delhi.

      Retail Mall will offer to the visitors shopping, dining & entertainment in the form of bowling alleys, club, pubs, health club, multiplex, etc.

      • Retail Complex spread over 15 acres

      • 18 hole Golf Course spread in 75 acres

      • The Land allotted by Jaipur Development Authority (“JDA”)

      • ‘Jaipur Mega Tourism City’ Is promoted by International Amusement Limited (IAL)

      • Minimum Investment 500 Sq Ft.

      • Retail, Water Park, Golf Course, Entertainment Zone, Adventure Sports, Food Hub, Cultural Valley, Village Hotel, Village Resort, Family Hotel, Golf Resort, Golf View Villas, Hill Side Villas, Lake View Villas.




    • profile image

      rohit goyal 4 years ago



    • profile image

      rohit goyal 4 years ago

      if any one purchase anything in realestate in jaipur so plz contact to me

    • Jaipur Properties profile image

      Vijay Kesnani 4 years ago from Jaipur

      very informative article, lots of research done . good.... keep up the good work.

    • profile image

      salamuddin gouri 4 years ago

      Please suggest me property for invest purposes

    • profile image

      Narendra Singh 4 years ago

      Some Builders and Property dealers saying................Investment in Vatika Village and near By places i.e colonies near harit vihar & Manglam city vatika ..........can provide best return in short term.............may be double in a true it is.............current price is 2500-4000 Sq yards..........

    • profile image

      Narendra Shekhawat 4 years ago

      Builders and Property dealers saying...............Vatika village and near by colonies are best place to true it is..............current price is 2500-4000 per sq yards

    • profile image

      rahuldar 4 years ago

      contact me for big invest deals . jaipur and around 25 kms.

    • profile image

      Sahdeo Singh 4 years ago

      I want to take a plot in Parth City Jaipur 200 sq yard in block-D, what is rate per square yard.

    • profile image

      docks07 5 years ago

      Awesome research done! Does anyone knows about the progress with Mahindra SEZ ? Also, how good is Jaipur Greens society by Emaar MGF for investment. Target is 3-5 years.

    • profile image

      anantesh saxena 5 years ago

      Hello Guys, I am a real estate broker. We work in Jaipur at all localities. If any body want to investment in Jaipur please contact us.

      Best Regard's

      Anantesh Saxena


    • profile image

      RUPESH VYAS 5 years ago

      very good article worth to spend time on it ...well done

    • arinkhandelwal profile image

      arinkhandelwal 5 years ago

      invest in approved bank loaneble plots at ajmer road jaipur @3000/- sq/yds



    • profile image

      sandy 5 years ago

      Well done!!!!!!!!!

      if it is possible for you,provide some contact no of reputed developer

    • lokeshgoyal profile image

      Lokesh G 5 years ago from Delhi, India

      Can i get some details on JDA Approved plotted colonies which are good for investment returns? If yes, pl revert at

    • collageindia profile image

      collageindia 5 years ago from Delhi, India

      Can you provide detailed information of Mangalam Township Mangalam City?

    • profile image

      Gaurav Nagpal 5 years ago

      Can some one please inform me about dream line colonizers. How good or safe is it to invest with them??

    • profile image

      real estate in jaipur 5 years ago

      what is hubpages???

    • profile image

      yogi 5 years ago

      iam planning to invest in jaipur,if anyone guide me about dreamline colonizers and developers background history,any cases againt them,plzzzzzzz

    • profile image

      manoj gupta 5 years ago

      I am intersting to invest in proporty like flat in jaipur.Please suggest me the best location for investment & property rate appreciation

    • profile image

      SR SINGH 5 years ago


    • profile image

      pawan 5 years ago

      My Queris is reagrding the investment in Housing Board Flats... would it be be great to invest in indira nagar (housing board flats)?

    • profile image

      diwi 5 years ago

      hi i have house in bapu nagar , jaipur (300 yds) could you plz tell me the rate of this land in jaipur at this area.

    • profile image

      Animesh 5 years ago

      Nice info!!

      Can you plz suggest me how good choice is to invest in plot in Chaksu area next to state highway,what is the future prospect of this area in terms of property appriciation?

    • profile image

      Dinesh 5 years ago

      I am planning to purchase 3BHK in Jagatpura Jaipur, could you please tell me how much I have to invest in JDA approved appartment or what is rate of plot per sq yard, or any idea about CGEWHO flat's cost.


    • profile image

      Shruti 5 years ago

      I am planning to invest in villa Omaxe City on Ajmer Road Jaipur. Could you please tell me, its prospect..Mahindra SEZ has not geared up as expected, looking to it, how would be the idea of investment in omaxe???



    • profile image

      shubh 5 years ago

      looking to invest in AURIC VILLA at Jaisinghpura Ajmer Road, built by Shiv Shakti Group. Please let me know how this choice is? What would be the rental market in that area??



    • profile image

      SG 5 years ago

      Thanks for the detailed research and the information

      looking to invest in a villa built by Arg Group on NH 11 to Agra. Anyone have any info about the construction and/or group, please let me know. Also please let me know the rental market in that area as well



    • profile image

      Rupesh Vyas 5 years ago

      That's a really great article and luckily foun on this website ...thanks ...

    • profile image

      vikram handa 5 years ago

      very useful info.

      cud you pl give me few names of developers who could be trusted for township developments. we are looking to invest in plot/s at Jaipur.

      many thanks

    • profile image

      yash 5 years ago

      hi can i have your number pls , as i am looking to invest in the tonk road area behind chokhi dhani and wanted to take an opinion from you about it

    • profile image

      Pawan Jain 5 years ago

      I am interest to invest in Indira Gandhi Nagar Jagatpura housing board scheme and Parth nagar on Tonk Road. Pl. help of current market price for decision.

    • profile image

      naveen 6 years ago

      pls give me ur contact number on

    • profile image

      Ajay 6 years ago

      Please tell me that Dream Colonizer project in Jaipur Ajmer highway is approved by any authorized body or under 90B or more detail like registration number and all .... please help !

    • profile image

      Ashish 6 years ago

      Really well researched article. Keep up the good work.

    • profile image

      Ashish 6 years ago

      Really well researched article. Keep up the good work.

    • profile image

      Madhur Singhal 6 years ago

      I have had keen interest in Jaipur real estate first as investors and now as developers. I also understand that whenever a buyer puts in his money, his prime most concern is genuineness of the developer and that his investment is safe.

      Jaipur is slowly and steadily expanding at a moderate growth rate. Unfortunately, the govt. has been extremely slow in clearing new projects which sometimes promotes people in selling unapproved land. This is not the best option for the buyers.

      As a matter of fact, no other road besides Ajmer road has a meaning full outskirts development. The development of Ajmer road is also due to the core industrialization of the area - thanks to the M&M SEZ and the corporate thumbs up it has got. As a matter of fact, given the capacity of Jaipur it is the key area of prosperity and will continue to be the only area till new growth drivers emerge.

      If you need any advise, feel free to speak to me on 8094008094.

    • profile image

      KD 6 years ago

      nice work man.... kudos.!

    • profile image

      Anshul 6 years ago

      The article is really very useful and informative, well done !

      I am looking for the information about investment opportunity near Vatika village , behind Chokhi Dhani. The site is behind mangalam kanak vatika project. I have talked to some agent and they are quoting price 1600 per sq yard. The site is not JDA approved, its a risk though, so like to know is it worth investing, mangalam is charging much higher than 2500/-. So please guide +/- points, I am planning to purchase and sell after 2-3 years.

      Please share your opinion.

    • profile image

      vijay 6 years ago

      i have to invest 18-20 lakh in jaipur, so could any one tell me what good investments options could be there for 2-3 years.

    • profile image

      joshi 6 years ago

      anybody ever heard of Dreamline Colonizers ?..

    • profile image

      vijay 6 years ago

      Can I get some more info about the individual houses/villas?

    • profile image

      sanjay 6 years ago

      Original research good contacts. Thanx

    • luckymurari profile image

      luckymurari 6 years ago

      Really well researched article. Keep up the good work.