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PROTECT YOUR CARPETS by jerry carman

Updated on February 29, 2016

Use the following list for cleaning and protecting your carpet. Vacumm the carpet regularly. Removing dirt keep the carpet looking clean, but also makes your carpet last longe rby removing dirt that wears away at your carpet's fiber. Place large entry mats inside and outside each door going into your house. It is amazing how much dirt gets tracked in from our shows. Wash the mat at least twice a month. To really protect your carpet, take your shoes off in the house.Protect your carpets , from fading by keeping direct sunlight off them. Close blinds or draperies during the hours when the sun shines unto the portion of your carpets. Remove spots as soon as they appear. Spot removal cuts down on the need for an overall carpet cleaning. If you can work on the stains or spot right away gently rub plain club soda into the fresh spot. Keep a general spray-on spot remover on hand to remove set-in-stains that you can not get to remove immediaely. Or you can rub plain white shaving cream into the dingy areas of the carpet and rinse lightly with water.


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