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Wooden Kitchen Cabinets vs PVC Kitchen Cabinets

Updated on December 16, 2012

Everyone in his/her life builds or buys a house.He/She wants that it should be beautiful,strong and durable.It has many components in which some are very important and on which one has a special attention such as bathroom,kitchen etc

Kitchen is one of the most important part of the house.One makes it as beautiful and durable.But somewhere we make a mistake.

One such thing which needs a special attention is Kitchen Cabinets.These are one of the most important component of your kitchen.As most of the things in the kitchen are to be stored in them so they should be durable and sustainable.We have got many choices such as Aluminium cabinets,PVC cabinets,Wooden cabinets etc.

PVC cabinets

PVC cabinets have many advantages over other material used in kitchen such as it is termite and waterproof.It has very low maintenance and easy to install.It is fire retardant and highly durable as much as 100 years.And the most important it is very economical.

It has very limited range of colors and finishes to choose from but still there are few choices as crown top, oval top, square top, raised panel, slab style etc.

Aluminum cabinets

The best thing for aluminum is that it is very strong, durable.but it corrodes to a dull appearance.It is also available in limited colors as only few colors are available in it.

Wooden Cabinets

Wooden cabinets are known for there classy appearance.besides this they are strong,durable and robust.These cabinets are safe as food kept in them are not chemically affected.Main reason why people like them is they never go out of fashion and it raises the beauty of house at the time of its selling.Wooden cabinets have variety of types such as

  • Maple
  • Cherry
  • Oak
  • Elm
  • Ebony
  • Teak
  • Butternut etc


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      Muhammad najeeb 2 years ago

      I'm spared pvc kitchen

      Plz giv me Veza

      May country is Pakistan from karachi

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    • profile image

      Candice Harding 3 years ago

      Really useful hub! It's so important to know your materials when planning for new kitchen cabinets. We found it helpful to bring our ideas to a custom cabinet builder and discuss material choices with them.

      Candice Harding

    • profile image

      Johnb284 3 years ago

      I am so grateful for your blog article.Really thank you! Fantastic. dcefdfaekcbb