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Painting Tips

Updated on June 14, 2017

Ways to Paint

Homeowners take painting as their major do-it-yourself project more often than any other task, and with good reason: with a little instruction, almost anyone can paint, even a whole house interior. You can save a lot by doing your own painting, and knowing how to paint and what paint to use can save you even more.

The least expensive way to paint a whole house interior is to spray on off-white latex paint, coating even the woodwork trim. Latex paint is the least expensive paint you can buy. Spraying is fast, and thus saves labor. Covering the woodwork trim along with the walls saves the time and cost of applying the second color. If you don't like a flat paint on wood trim, you can spray the whole room with an eggshell finish instead. (Eggshell falls between a flat latex and semi-gloss.) However flat paint hides more imperfections than does a semi-gloss and is preferred by most professional drywall installers.

If you don't have special skills, and if you'll be painting while living in the house, we recommend rollers instead.


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