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DIY: Paint Your Bathtub This Weekend!

Updated on April 23, 2015

Time To Freshen Up That Bathtub

Real estate agents say that an upgraded kitchen and bathroom will sell a house. They suggest putting money and effort into those areas if you plan to sell your home to both increase your odds of selling and to get the highest price.

When I purchased my home last year, the bathtub was in bad shape. The house was built in 1950 and I am guessing this is the original tub. It is cast iron with a stained, rough finish. The original white finish has an unsightly yellowing with some random rust stains from years of use. Because I have so many home projects ahead of the bathtub, I have yet to jump into this project myself but wanted to share the information I found with you.

The "Old Bathtub" Dilemma

With so many people buying older homes these days, the "old bathtub" dilemma is a common problem. Many times the tub is in great condition but is an undesirable, dated color or it has rust stains and other cosmetic discolorations.

Replacing a bathtub is generally not a viable option because it sometimes involves taking out a wall to get it out and a new one brought in. Talk about disrupting your life! Then it will need to be disposed. It's a complicated process and can disrupt what may be the only bathroom in your house.

There are specialized bathtub refinishing services available in some areas but can be costly to those who are on a budget. I found that in rural areas they are virtually non-existent. So, added to the cost of the refinishing is the cost of the contractor's mileage and service fee.

Did you know that you can paint that bathtub yourself?

From Ghastly To Gorgeous

I found some do-it-yourself- kits online and in home improvement stores that are specifically for painting/refinishing your bathtub. One particular tub refinishing kit I found is supposed to give your bathtub a durable and glossy, porcelain appearance. It can be used on fiberglass tubs as well as cast iron and porcelain.

Online before and after photos show the results using several different products and procedures. Gorgeous!

This Looks Easy

The process for painting your bathtub with this kit looks so simple. Here is a video I watched which convinced me that this is a project I can do myself.

How To Paint A Bathtub

Don't Use Just Regular Paint

You want to use a paint kit specifically for painting bathtubs. There are several kits available on the market. Using just plain paint not specific to bathroom fixtures will not give you the results you want.


Important To Remember

The pre-painting preparation is always the most important step in ensuring the finish will last a long time. Make sure you use all the safety precautions suggested in the product instructions.

SAFETY, SAFETY, SAFETY! Read and adhere to all safety instructions in the kit! I can't stress this enough.

Plan Your Strategy

It is important to have a plan of strategy for the big day. This will ensure the best results possible. Here are some good tips to include in your plan:

  • Set aside a day you have completely free of any other plans. Inform friends and family so they will not inadvertently disturb you.
  • Read over the instructions the day before so you will know what to expect. The instructions will also have a list of things you will need such as a paint roller,gloves and a mask.You will also need cleaning products.
  • Gather all needed materials the day before including the clothes you plan to wear. I suggest wearing old clothes that you don't mind getting paint on.
  • When you have completed the painting, you will probably need a place to stay the night as some reviewers have reported the smell is very strong. Plan also for how you will ventilate the bathroom to clear out the smell.

Have You Ever...

Have you ever painted your bathtub?

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Being successful at things you do by yourself is the happiest feeling of all. Enjoy what you do!
Being successful at things you do by yourself is the happiest feeling of all. Enjoy what you do! | Source

© 2014 Rana Pecarski

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    • profile image

      KariBright 2 years ago

      Awesome hub! I had no idea such thing was possible :) I might try this out.