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Painting A Room

Updated on September 21, 2009

More Than A Notion

Painting is more than a notion. Start with something that has colors that appeals to you. Colors that create the kind of mood you want in the room. Blue is a color to use in a bedroom for confort, quietness, peace, serenity, and rest. I began with a pillow with colors to pop and accent the silvery blue color to use in my room.

Spa Treatment

While window shopping in a local department store, a pillow screamed my name. That's inspiration. You'll know it when you see, feel, and hear it. This particular pillow had circles of silvery sage green, metallic, water blue and sky blue embroidered circles with a deep chocolate background. It also screamed, "spa treatment."

The silvery sage green will be an accent color to "pop" color in the room. There is a hint of it in the silvery blue, so the accent will not conflict with the color scheme.

A lagoon in Cancun best describes the sage green of choice. A picture from the trip there will bring reality to the feeling of warmth, peace, serenity and tranquility. A montage of pictures taken in the Bahamas, Cancun, Waikiki and even Pearl Harbor will be perfect for reflections of the trips.

Painting Relaxing and Rewarding

Painting can be relaxing and rewarding to see the colors come together and in knowing they will be there each time you enter the room for an experience that can only be felt there. There's gratitude in knowing you, like Michael De Angelo, made it happen with patience and love.

Painting is more than a notion and you want it to be that way. Just look ahead to the completed project and the ambiance you created.


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